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What's something that you used to see often that doesn't seem to be around anymore?

Asked by ucme (45478points) July 5th, 2011

Those things from the dim & distant past, your childhood even. Or maybe something that’s recently vanished without a trace. Can be anything at all, something you used to see in everyday life on a frequent basis, yet all of a sudden….poof, it’s gone.

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Whatever happened to A&W?

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Whatever happened to typewriters?

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To the red Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum?

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Whatever happened to the Oreos that changed the color of your milk?

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@King_Pariah Those are my initials, that’s where they went.
@MilkyWay I prefer Hubba Bubba, bigger bubbles ;¬}

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You mean like “Peanutty Koogle with the koo-koo-koogly eyes”? Where’s that, now, I ask you?

Apparently, all those commercials have been wiped off the face of the earth, along with the spread. Oh, but I found this corny bit.

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my neck?

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Pay phones

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He’s fisting Michael Jackson as we speak!

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your’re thinking of Kurt Cobain

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No, JonBenet Ramsey’s his “bitch”

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A&W and Extra gum are all over the place up here.

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A parent at home during the day with their child.

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Suspenders. I intend to bring them back.

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Adams Sour Strawberry Gum

Milk delivery with glass milk bottles


Bonanza restaurants

Taco Bell restaurants with real bells hanging in a belltower and firepits on the patio

Walter Cronkite-style news programs

Funny Face (a competitor of Kool-aid)

TV dinners in foil trays

Halloween carnivals at school (you’re lucky if you get a PC Fall Festival)

Christmas decorations being put up in stores after Thanksgiving

Bubble-up and Wink

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@Kardamom Come to Illinois. We know how to celebrate Halloween in school. =)

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My brother and I used to have so much fun at the Halloween carnival at our elementary school. They always had a huge bake sale where you could get a baggy full of fudge, or waxed paper wrapped peanut butter cookies, or a paper plate with brownies and congo bars for a dime a piece. Then you would go over to the lunch court and they would have booths set up where you could “fish” for translucent plastic bracelets and rubber monsters with suction cups on the bottom. Then you could participate in a cake walk and go through a “haunted” house. What fun! Of course, there was always a costume parade too.

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Remember those candy kisses you used to get at Halloween that were wrapped in black and orange paper? Those were dee-licious.

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@Seelix Are you talking about chocolate kisses? I think those things are still seasonal, but they used to have these other things, back in the 60’s, that were a cross between caramels and salt water taffy that came wrapped in either black or orange waxed paper-like wrappers. They were very yummy, but most kids considered them to be on the B-list of candies along with candy corn.

They also used to have these lollipops, that instead of having that white stick in the center, they instead had a looped white string, that you could hang on your finger.

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We still do the Halloween parade on the street in front of the school. There are police barricades and all. A big event for the whole town!

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@Kardamom – Nope, not the chocolate ones. I’m thinking of these, which I was able to find after a little hunting. They’re made by Kerr’s, which is apparently a Canadian company. I’m gonna have to look around for these kisses this fall!

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@Seelix Mmmmm molasses. Those sound good too!

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The Halloween carnival at our elementary school was almost the highlight of the year! It was a blast! The Christmas performance at school is a thing of the past as well. I am sad to see those things go.

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My penis. Now my belly blocks my view.

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Home phones. You just don’t hear “Hello?.... Hey Val! It’s for you!” anymore.

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Mom & Pop Corner Stores
killed by 7–11

Travel Agencies
killed by Expedia and the like

Record Stores
killed by iTunes

Book Stores
killed by Amazon

Comic Book Stores
about to be killed by ComiXology

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@King_Pariah We have plenty of A&W restaurants around here. Lots. What I wonder about that though, is what the bloody crap happened to the bear mascot? He’s nowhere to be seen anymore.

Also, yeah I guess technological evolution but…arcade machines that aren’t dance rhythm games, and VHS.
I loved the warm and cozy VHS feeling of yeah, let’s all watch a movie! as opposed to the steel cold DVD/BluRay yeah get lost, I wanna watch a movie now feeling.

Also I’m starting to wonder if pretty soon, I’ll actually be able to buy physical copies of video games, and not have to get everything online.

What the hell happened to my beer? ’‘inspects empty mug’’

Am I getting old? My hair only shines white in the light now, and not metallic blue. lawlz

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Big Boy’s and Pre-Fab Diners

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We still have Big Boy’s where I live.

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@wilma well we used to have them everywhere…now they are all gone :(


There used to shoe-shine boys on street corners shining shoes——too bad there’s no more. Gotta do it myself now. :(

Homes used to have those little “milk doors” on the sides of their foundations, for the milkmen to deliver bottles of milk to your house. Not anymore, as people buy their milk in stores now, and the small doors are an invitation to burglars.

Clackers. A toy consisting of two cords and two hard acrylic balls at the end of each cord, and a metal ring at the top of the cords. You slip your finger in the ring and “clack” the hard balls together——up and down, up and down. They banned them because kids got hurt when the balls hit them in the face, smashing their teeth, bruising their forehead. Lol.

Men’s garter belts for keeping socks up. Haven’t seen them for a long time. Bought a pair at a big department store many years ago, just for the novelty, but they seem to have disappeared.


@King_Pariah I miss the old A&W places where customers used to drive through and order their burgers, fries, onion rings, and root beer. The big flashing A&W sign used to beckon my parents and siblings when I was small, and I still remember employees coming to the car window to take our order in the parking lot. They’d serve us our food on trays that hung on the car windows, and the famous A&W rootbeer, so frothy and delicious, served in icy thick glass mugs! Ah, those were the days! Now all we have is McDonalds and people taking orders through an intercom speaker, yelling “Can I take your order” in a barely understandable accent. Lol.

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@Seelix I still see those Kerr’s candies every Halloween. As a kid I didn’t like them much – we used to call them chewy candies or cheap candy, lol. Over there years, though, I’ve somehow managed to like them.

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