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Has anyone invented a cooling pad for dogs to lay on like the orthopedic cold therapy machines?

Asked by woodcutter (16312points) July 5th, 2011

We have a Donjoy cooling pad that connects to an ice chest via water hoses that circulates the cold water to reduce swelling. Thought it would be a neat idea to make a large enough pad do allow a dog to chill on. In the summer they hate to lay on carpet but prefer tile floors, I assume because it’s cooler. Maybe people would like it too. I know my dogs would be claiming something like that if it was here.

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thanks that might be something to look into.

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I saw something like these Cooling Towels at the county fair. They get saturated with water, but feel dry and cool to the touch.

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Hey…they gots central air and heat, just like us. They’re good.

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@marinelife showed the bed I am familiar with. I use cooling vests on my dogs when they are working (same as used in Iraq), that are filled with a vegetable oil that stays cold/cool but is not harmful should they ingest it or rip it open in the field. Here is one place that sells something similar.

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They also make these things. I’m not sure whether they work or not but they don’t require refrigeration or any additional “cooling agent.” I saw something similar at Walgreen’s for less and was thinking of giving it a try for myself, not sure, I’m kind of a fool and her money are soon parted sort of person sometimes. Here’s a review of it

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Thanks @Kayak8 Bookmarking this one too.

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This made me remember…my son tried to sneak a guinea pig into the family once. He thought he could hide it in his room and I’d never know. His big sister narked on him so..we had a guinea pig in the family, on the back deck. In the summer I had rotating two liter pop containers of water in the frizzer. I’d pull a frozen one out, then put a new one in to freeze. I always indented them before I put them in, and I’d put them in Pigs cage. The indention gave him a really nice place to lounge. I’d like to think he appreciated it!

We brought him in in temp extremes, of course.

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