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Set me up with a great J.O.B. and the cash to relocate my family, and I will move to which state or province?

Asked by Jude (32162points) July 5th, 2011

Which state or province would you love to live in?

You can even narrow it down to city..

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I would LOVE to live in either Florida or Colorado.
Or somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains. :)

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Santa Barbara, California, with Ocean Beach (San Diego), California a close second.

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San Diego

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Maui in the winter, Michigan in the late spring summer and fall.

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you know my answer @Jude :)

Upper peninsula of Michigan or northern Wisconsin

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in that order.

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Manteo or Salvo,N.C..

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St. Augustine, Florida. That city is just me.

I wouldn’t mind living in Texas either and being a rancher. If I had to pick a place in my home state that wasn’t my home town, I’d live in Clinton or Nashville.

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New Orleans or Kitchener, Ontario.

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@ANef_is_Enuf why Kitchener?

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Colorado – Denver or Grand Junction
North Carolina
California – (not LA)

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@Jude I just love Kitchener. It’s home-y. There are enough things to do nearby that it is really convenient, but the neighborhoods are tight-knit and I just like the way it looks. The houses are cute and the people are friendly, and I love the weather. Every time I’ve ever been in Kitchener I don’t want to leave.

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What if…you can’t re-locate your family? : (

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I’m pretty happy living outside of Boston. Can I maybe move to a different town in the same State?

If so, I’d like to move to Winchester, MA, near the town center.

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Marin county, California.

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Since I don’t really know much about many states and cities I haven’t visited, I’ll pick some place in Northern Jersey, like Paramus or Whippany since I’ve been to both and liked the areas.

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I’d move a few miles away to Malibu or Zuma beach. I really love where I live.

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Chicago or on a beach but I do lurve right where I am

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I love love love St Augustine!

I love the community of Serenbe in Palmetto Georgia. Think, self sufficient, artsy, hippie vibes. It’s awesome.

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California, but not Northern California.

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Salida, Colorado
Lawrence, Kansas
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Weird Austin :) (to keep it weird)

Anywhere in rural France…...<sigh>

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Hawaii in a heartbeat.
It would be a great half way point to both of my children.
Plus the island is great and I would fit right in.

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British Columbia – I love B.C. Hmm, maybe Golden. Or a rural area outside of Golden.

Alberta – I live in this province but I’d love to move to Canmore (or area). It’s tucked in the mountains near Banff, AB.

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I’d move to Austin in a minute. The heat was gross, though.

One of my favorite cities.

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This is what my girlfriend and I saw when driving up to Traverse City (Northern, Michigan). Someone else took this photo, but, we could see them, as well.

Heron nests

So beautiful.

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I have seen those @Jude , there are Eagles nests somewhere near there too. I have seen Eagles flying in that area.

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