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Stupid things you can remember?

Asked by cheebdragon (19546points) April 28th, 2008 from iPhone

For some reason I have never been able to forget the cheats to Doom, I haven’t played that game in 12–13 years, its stupid that I can remember them (IDDQD and IDKFA if anyone gets an urge to play doom). It takes me like 30 seconds to remember my phone number but I know the cheats for doom instantly! WTF?
do you remember anything this stupid? Or am I insane?

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im not sure if this is relevant, because it has to do with forgetting things, but when i have to pee really bad, and then on the way to the bathroom, i meet up with a friend and we talk and go for lunch and i forget i have to pee. at night, i wake up 3–4 times because of this. if this is waaaaaay off topic, please dont embarrass me, just move on.

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I think that might eventually give you a bladder infection. but that’s cool you can forget about having to pee, I don’t care if I’m talking to Jesus he will have to wait until after I pee to speak to me.

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I still remember my high school locker combo. 38–08-18.

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This is really bad. I remember the themes songs from the kiddie shows that I watched when I was growing up in LA. These were some of the first on TV, Sheriff John’s birthday song, Chuckles the birthday clown, etc. Maybe because they were better than the traditional birthday song. I also remember every phone number I had growing up as well. I guess I’m not the only one with the Los Angeles songs because whenever I get together with people my age that grew up, there, we all seem to remember them.

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Get a load of this [some will know what I’m talking about]:

up up, down down, left right, left right, B.A. Start.

All I’m going to say is that it has to do with a video game from 20 years ago. I have no idea why I remember this code.

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haha.. Konami code?

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My phone number from when I was a kid (over 30 years ago). 968–6576.

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I can remember my address from when I was a small child and some of the table of elements but I can’t seem to memorize my credit card number.
@peedub! CONTRA, right?

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BAM- 25 lives.

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It even has it’s own wikipedia page.

Also, the name of an emo band now.

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I only know that sequence because of a moldy peaches song.

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No way! It’s a cultural phenomenon.
Maybe I can use it as a pick up line at a bar.

I swear this is the first I’ve heard of this. Trust me, I’m no kiddo anymore.
Damn, I was all giddy about the code until I heard emo and moldy peaches, oh well.

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Wow, it has its own page? That is funny.
Speaking of codes I am on my way to go pick up Grand Theft Auto 4 in about an hour!

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There’s still this: BOMBS_ MISSLE
SCREW_ ATACK_ [Metroid]

I had to Google that one, though.

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There’s nothing wrong with the moldy peaches…they’re cute love songs…and then some other shit mixed in…

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Sorry but after watching Juno I wanted to vomit the Moldy Peaches out of my system. How many times did they play that one song? I will say I’ve heard way worse out there, so I’ll quit dissin’.

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I still remember a list I learned in 8th grade English class of all the prepositions.
It’s been 23 years :0)

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I remember my first library card number and the phone number of this chick who was my friend then was a bitch to me (in fifth grade).

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I remember the hand trick for the 9s multiplication.
I remember Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. (Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction.)

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I’m so calling that right now. What is her name?

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Susan Marie Hard. But she probably moved.

I can’t memorize my SS because of that goddamn number. Seriously. It haunts me.

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237840 number of my childhood friend
235769 number of the first boy I loved

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Mcb, is that the “and above about beyond” thing? My wife still knows that! LOL

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@ pup ~ yes! aboard, about, above…

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Too funny.

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When I found my first chin hair and tweezed it out, I’d just met a woman
named Lillian Voorhees. She passed out of my life immediately, but now whenever I
have to tweeze a chin hair, her name pops into my head. Lillian Voorhees.

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Voorhees? Are you from New York?

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I recently dated a girl for well over a year and couldn’t remember her phone number, and yet I can instantly recall the phone number for the dialup Internet we had when I was a kid. Most random thing ever. (Also shows where my priorities are. Oh dear.)

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Damn, “dialup Internet we had when I was a kid”. When I was a kid, my Dad was too cheap to buy a color TV. We had no Internet in those days, we had a “black and white TV”. Kids nowadays wouldn’t even know what that is.

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What is this crazy black and white you speak of? To be fair, I’ll be saying the same thing when I’m a little older than the 18 I am now.

Something along the lines of “when I was your age, we didn’t have this optical broadband and television on demand. Count yourself lucky.”

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Bulbatron~ my boyfriend is 29, he was using my screen name for awhile because he didnt feel like making his own. Understand now?

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Yea! I understand that your boyfriend is Pretty Damn Lazy! Did he not have one minute in order to create an account? Best of luck with that!

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For some reason I always remember that Mozart was born January 27, 1756 and died December 7, 1791. I love Mozart and all but never tried to commit that to memory!

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I still remember the hotel room number we stayed in the first time I went on holiday (age 5) and I can still say it in 4 languages.

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I made him make his own account last week because I didn’t want him to get me banned from fluther like he has gotten banned from yahoo answers (a few times). You can only get moderated a few times before yahoo will just remove your account.

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A black and white TV is just like the digital cable flatscreen high definition 798 channel thing mounted on your wall, except… It was a box about the size of a small refrigerator, there was no remote – to change channels you actually not only had to stand up but you had to walk to the TV & spin a dial, there were only 5 channels not 798, the picture on the screen was in shades of white gray & black like a security monitor, the picture had NO COLOR, it was ALL in shades of gray. It was superior technology at the time. We watched the original Star Trek, Get Smart, the Wild Wild West & other shows that you can now watch on DVD or as a cinema movie. We could only record sound on our cassette tape recorders, we could not record video. Home movies were on large reels of film that would be passed between a light & a lens in a home “movie projector” (if you could afford one) & the movie would be shined onto a roll- up screen on the wall like a window shade.

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i remember all the words to all the songs I used to hate.
‘puppy love’ by Donny Osmond…argh..

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haha totally know susan!

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