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Where to go explore in RI?

Asked by livestrong (213points) July 5th, 2011 from iPhone

I’m going to visit RI and was wondering if there were any places that you would recommend?

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Newport is beautiful, and Providence seemed decent too.

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When are you coming, you have to check out Waterfire if you can in Providence. It’s a big must see!!! Also you must check out our little Italy of dining, which is called Federal Hill it’s on Atwells Ave also in Providence. I really love to eat at Cassarino’s and Venda Ravioli when I go there.

The RISD museum is wonderful too if you love art.

The Jamestown Ferry is a wonderful way to take the trip to Newport to walk around. While in Newport you can go visit the Newport Mansions and take a tour or walk the cliff walk. Its a wonderful path that winds along between the mansions and the ocean in newport.

Another must see is Block Island which you would take a ferry to as well but it is a beautiful island.

They also do a nice little cruise on the Blackstone River

Here are just a few ideas of things to do, I live here and love this little state. Its packed with all different places to go and explore.

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I would also have suggested the Newport Mansions. Downtown Newport is a great walk along the waterfront, too. (If you go to Newport, be sure to stop for lunch at the Black Pearl – the chowdah really is good.)

Of course, the other places I’d recommend are Connecticut and Massachusetts, but that’s because I live in one and was born in the other. (Mystic Seaport and Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT; Battleship Cove and the USS Massachusetts at Fall River; New England Aquarium in Boston… just about any place in Boston, come to think of it.) But Rhode Island is nice.

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Thayer Street on the east side of Providence is a hip place with a lot of cool shops and restaurants. If you like outdoors activities, Lincoln Woods State Park is a nice place. There’s a lake for kayaking and fishing, some small rock climbing, trails, etc.

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You should definitely go to Providence. Some places to go could be the Providence Place Mall, Thayer Street (as mentioned above), Wayland Square, Federal Hill also mentioned above (So many people like Casserta’s Pizza on Federal Hill, but I am personally not a fan), Blackstone Blvd which has a park inbetween the two one-way streets. I love Providence; it’s my hometown. In Pawtucket, outside of Providence through East Providence, there is McCoy stadium where the Paw Sox Play. In Lincoln/Cumberland, etc. there’s a long, scenic bikepath, along with one on Providence and East Providence. There’s also New Shoreham on an island waaaay down below. I didn’t find it all that special, but it’s still a nice place.

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