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Do you believe in ghosts?

Asked by Jessipoo (18points) April 28th, 2008 from iPhone

there are many stories about people and ghosts crossing paths. I have a feeling that they are real. So what do you think?have you ever had encountered a ghost or spirit?

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After working with dead people as long as I have been…
Absolutely Not.

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what do you do with dead people?

I think that if someone dies in a very violent or tramatic way, they leave behind a kind of scar in time baisicly just negative energy in that spot. But that’s just my opinion, who knows…..

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No. Wish fulfillment, fear of the unknown, religious bias, and visual pattern closure conspire to convince many that ghosts exist.

It’s all in the mind.

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even the discovery channel couldn’t prove that ghosts don’t exist

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I honestly don’t know if I do.

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heres a better question

Do you believe in search?

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Forensic Taphonomy

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delirium explain more sounds interesting. I believe our energy never leaves and the energy is what people may see

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delirium~ how did you get into that profession?

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Interesting gig, delirium. I’m guessing your fridge is immaculate?

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I avoid squishy things. I mostly work with skeletal remains.
I got in to it through my aunt. I’ve been interning since I was 14.
Those are some of her publications. She’s probably my foremost teacher.

Here is what she is most famous for… Forensic Taphonomy

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@delirium When did you start working?

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An invisible tap on the shoulder and a chilling whisper in my ear told me I should believe in ghosts…....
seriously though, I won’t dismiss it altogether, but find it highly improbable.

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Anything is possible. If a person chooses to believe that ghosts don’t exist, then that person sees a ghost, they’ll go insane. It’s better to keep an open mind.

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I second that – better to keep an open mind than to run the risk of having your belief system shaken to the core…....I have yet to meet a ghost though, sadly.

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I doubt I would go insane. Look for an explanation, sure. But to go insane? Seems a little fragile.

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I guess so. I font think they believe in me though!

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Wildflower believes in Babo. Babo’s makes me smile :)

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When I was 17 we lived in a house that was built in 1892, every once in a while something would play the piano at night but when you would open the door to the room the piano was in nothing would be there, seriously. The people who live in that house now were spooked by something because they told my grandparents (who own the house)
That they ended up removing everything from that room and locked the door because they were so freaked out.

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My room is haunted lol. Some dude hung himself in my room before we moved into this house oooooooooooo scaryyyyyyy. COME ON seriously ghosts? Cheeb sure discovery cant prove ghosts dont exist, nor can they disprove the existence of leprechauns unicorns or fairys tell me you think they are real too?

To me ghosts are just your mind playing games with you. I would like to see one just one solid piece of evidence supporting the existence of ghosts. Until then not happening sorry.

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When did I say it was scary?

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Quantum physics suggests that we exist in multiple universes simultaneously. The truth is that new universes branch out each time a choice is made. When the barrier between the dimensions is breeched, alternate realities may become visible. Advanced Physicists are currently bogged down in the untrue Superstring Theory, but they are on the right track of discovering realities beyond the temporospatial limitations of the human sensory system.

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Okay! You decide…
On November 11, 1996, at approx. 8:30 in the evening I was at work. I was working in the Fine Jewelry dept of JCPenney. I was standing behind the counter, speaking to a coworker when I heard someone clear there throat. I knew that sound, that voice, I had heard it everyday of my life. I was my father… I didn’t realize I had closed my eyes, nor did I feel the warmth of my tears as they ran down my face. What I did feel, was this overwhelming sense of peace. As I slowly turned toward the counter, I remember saying, “daddy?” and he said, “yes, honey.“it’s me…
to be continued

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It was just your subconscious mind missing your father and really wanting him back. Its the way we as humans cope with things sometimes we fool ourselves into believing something that isnt true to get by.

I apologize if that came off sounding insensitive or anything its just how to logically explain the situation. I am sorry for the loss of your father.

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Actually, it gets better, and what you said I at first believed, until my manager who had witnessed the WHOLE ordeal as she had been standing about a foot behind me and slightly to my left. Also, there was still the one coworker, Mark whom I had been speaking to, before I turned around.

This really is important for all you sceptics, as I was once one. I am driving and now have a cop behind…

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I had a similar, though far less meaningful thing happen. I had stopped and gotten off my motorcyle in a deserted area by a payphone in the middle of the night to call my girlfriend. As I was talking to her, a large puff of cigar smoke came out of nowhere. It was pitch black dark & there were no other people around. I’ve always wondered how to interpret this. Some cultures believe in a “Capri”, a large man who smokes a cigar – a creature, like a large leprechan who inhabits a person’s house. I later found out that my girlfriend’s house is known to have a Capri living there.

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Standard Christian doctrine teaches that once you’re dead you are immediately packed off to the afterlife.
Standard Christian doctrine also teaches that Satan and his minions like to mess with people. It’s a good bet that this is the party responsible for all the ghost business.

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