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What is your favorite part of being a guy?

Asked by FutureMemory (24481points) July 5th, 2011

Inspired by this question

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Being able to quickly urinate in public while drawing little attention to myself.

I’ve actually peed while walking down the sidewalk…very late at night of course…haha!

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Not menstruating.

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Being able to say nothing is wrong and mean it.


Being able to have a strong, muscled body and feeling good “in it”. The testosterone factor——the hormone seems to give us men “extra stamina” and energy when we need it. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning with the feeling of power, and the (horny) energy that comes from being a man. I think most guys know what I mean.

Our powerful sex drive and the immeasurable pleasure that it gives us

Having a penis—- women don’t know how super sweet and stupendously wonderful it is to have one.

Being able to go into a mall or store and get the thing you need and want without wasting a lot of time and money! Lol.

Something my parents once told me—-“Any place is a man’s place. He should never fear going anywhere, the world is his for the making.”

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I’ve never thought about this, until now. Err, maybe the fact that I can sculpt facial stubble into a cool look, I dunno.

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Being able to write my name in the snow without having to shuffle around like a fiddler crab.

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Not holding grudges forever.

Dressing up in the morning or for a party takes no time at all. If I decide to wear a sports coat or a tie to a party, that’s “dressed up” and people like it.

The fact that my face is the only think I’m expected to shave.

In certain parts of the world: I can go to a bar without getting a strange look.

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I pee standing up.

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“Being able to say nothing is wrong and mean it.”

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The whole having sex with women thing. It’s like out genitals were made to go together.

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The ability to say “F*#@ck you!” in a booming well modulated voice.

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That boys win the girls ten out of ten times. ~
C’mon guys, the girl equivalent of this question has got 19 answers so far, we, the boys, only 14.

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I’m not a guy, but man, do guys seem to love those penises of theirs. Even my best guy friend… he told me he doesn’t understand how a man could want to give up his penis and that is why he would never have a sex change.


@AnonymousGirl I think you basically summed it up for the majority of us men! lol

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I think he deserves the credit for helping me understand men so much. ;)


Well, personally, I’d rather be executed than have that vital part of me excised. Seriously. And I think most other men would say the same.

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