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What makes you curse ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) July 5th, 2011

Does it make you feel better ?
How many emotions do you feel when doing it ?

What brings in you the feeling to blow it off ?

Discuss .

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I think it must be conditioning. Cursing was instilled young!

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Why the FUCK am I yelling at AIR? I use swear words like any other words. To my parents and sometimes to my grandparents. In the church, and in the funerals see if they hear me

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I have to be extremely frustrated or angry to curse (especially the eff word). I don’t think it makes me feel better, lol.

@Ltryptophan My parents were among some of the highly skilled cursers ever. I turned out to be quite opposite. But my siblings curse enough to make up for it.

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I just feel like it sometimes. It fits the situation. I might be cranky (this happens particularly when people steal my car parks… then I will swear). Lots of different occasions…

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I usually don’t cuss very often. But when I do, it’s usually because someone made me mad. Or I’ll swear to myself.
Most of my cussing is when I’m singing a song with cuss words. Haha.

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Usually to make it clear how most unhappy I am that the phone and/or remote is not anywhere to be found….I tried not swearing about trivial matters and instead doing this family vote insisted I curse instead.

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Most often, I use swear words for emphasis or to express an emotion – frustration, excitement, disbelief, et cetera.

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The Army taught me a lot of things.. One of them was how to cuss. I seldom do now days, but when I DO get angry, LOOK OUT! LMAO!

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I only curse around my friend, and when I’m being funny. So I guess, I curse because I act stupid sometimes. I don’t know, I guess it soothes me.

nailpolishfanatic's avatar

If I am angry I curse, if something didn’t go my way i curse, if i failed an exam i curse, if i am late i curse, it makes me feel better and then i kinda get a relief or something.

gondwanalon's avatar

I very seldom say bad words but when I do it is usually in response to being in great pain. Like towards the end of a long tough workout (like a 20 mile run) I’ll mutter something like the F word a few times and realize a little pain relief.

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Stupid people, running late, my kids screaming when I have a migraine, stupid people, if one of my cats barfs on the carpet, when I find my hubby’s clothes scattered through the house, stupid people, home electronics malfunctions, problems with my car, did I mention stupid people?

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

When I’m really angry, that’s all.

MilkyWay's avatar

A sudden scary surprise or extreme anger.

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Very little, it just comes naturally to me… more so in the workplace or when doing tricky car repairs :-/

Jude's avatar

@Scooby Dude, what is up with ”:-/”?

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Being in the company of people who curse makes me curse. In other situations, driving can make me curse. Hurting myself can make me swear, loudly and enthusiastically.

However, I swear the least of all my friends.

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It’s in my everyday language, pretty much all the time. But when it’s used to extremes, or meant to be used, it’s usually though surprise, frustration, or when I’m happy, actually.
Anger as well, but when I’m really pissed, I don’t say words really…I just growl, spittle and scream lol.

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Being excited about something, or shocked, or fascinated, usually.

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@Jude :-/
This signifies me being nonchalant, giving a calm & unconcerned answer…..
I think I’ve explained this to you in the past :-/ Besides, I can’t help how my face falls…… Does it bother you?

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When she snores.

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Thanks for replies ^^


When some idiot steps on my just-shined men’s dress shoes.

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Douchebags that think they have a right to threaten me. I’m still irked, even after 12 hours… I’ll get over it, I’m sure.

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When I do something stupid, like send an email and realise I forgot to attach the attachment. Or I drop something on my toe or get to my office door and realise my keys are on the dining room table. Or get back to my car and find the little time I was away and improperly parked was enough for the parking nazi to arrive and give me a ticked. All small stuff in the whole scheme of things, but enough to make me curse.

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Parking Nazis lol. XD

Bellatrix's avatar

Nods, they are all around me @Symbeline. Just waiting for me to park in an illegal zone. I meant ticket too. $100 of ticket. Grrr @#$&

Bellatrix's avatar

I did park where I shouldn’t have parked @Hibernate. It was my fault. Who likes getting parking tickets though. I wasn’t parked unsafely or anything. It is just revenue raising in this case. Oh well… :-)

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Nothing. I never curse, dammit!

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Other drivers. Today I had an old man do the thing where they follow you-on-cruise until you get about a semi truck length from a semi and then pull out to pass.

I could probably count the times I have given someone ‘the finger’ in my light on my fingers. But he was 8–9.

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