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How often do you curse ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) July 5th, 2011

Assuming the fact that you use curse words how often do you use them ?
Often or seldom ?
Would you like to be able to use them more often ?
[ OR ]
Would you like to be able to stop using them ?

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Fucking CONSTANTLY! It’s wrong!

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All the time except in situations that call for professionalism.

I like cussing. It’s fun, and research suggests that it relieves stress.

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I have no fucking idea.

um…there’s one.

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I have a potty mouth. I’m comfortable with my potty mouth. My grandfather couldn’t get a sentence out without swearing, and he was one of the calmest, most laid back people you could possibly imagine. I think it lowers your blood pressure. ;)

Obviously I don’t swear around kids or people that I don’t know, lots of situations require some discretion, but for the most part if I’m in an environment where I can relax… you can bet I’ll be dropping F-bombs left and right.

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Quite often, especially in times of anger or elation. Nothing like a good old expletive to punctuate the moment.

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Rarely. I find it carries much more weight when applied sparingly and appropriately.

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I’m the same as @worriedguy in this sense. If I sware around someone.. they know I’m really not happy. When I do, I sware out of extreme frustration or anger. Sometimes, I wish I could say the eff word with more ease. Lol, I even have trouble typing it.

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I can have quite the potty mouth. I can self-edit though. I don’t swear at inappropriate times.

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Not often. Only when I’m VERY angry.

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Only every now and then.
I used to use them casually. But lately I try not to say them at all.

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Very often.

you can ask my friends, they know.

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I use them very rarely. Because of that, when I do, people pay attention.

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Every fucking hour on the hour!! It’s how I keep my sanity Dammit and I will KYAss if you try and stop me!

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I swear like a sailor. I’m able to keep it under control when I need to, though, but once in a while I’ll bust out with “HOLY SH-nikies” if there are kids around and I momentarily forget myself.

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I figured people who swore all the time had a mild case of Tourette Syndrome. ~

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There’s no mild cases of Tourette ^^ You either have it and cannot control the outbursts or you don’t have it .

Though I always wondered… what if someone who is susceptible of Tourette is raised in an environment where people do not swear .. how would that person act ? :)

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@Hibernate – I’m not sure whether that’s a serious question, but if you read up on Tourette Syndrome, you’ll learn that it manifests itself in many ways, mainly through physical tics. I know a woman with Tourette Syndrome and she’s never sworn uncontrollably.

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I am not huge on cursing. When I do I have to make a conscious choice to use a swear word, they are never on the tip of my tongue. I don’t wish I could do it more often, I am not a big fan. My husband was raised by people who swore like drunken sailors so he drops f-bombs pretty doggone regularly without even thinking about it! I have taken to pointing out when he does and slowly but surely he is cleaning up his language.

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Often enough.
I like to put alittle variety in and will sometimes put it to music….fuck yooooooooooooooooou! ;)

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I have to be a good Catholic teacher during my work time (Sweet baby Jebus!). Other than that, occasionally. Not nearly as much as I used to.

When I am really pissed it’s: God Damn cocksucking son of a whore! That one just rolls off of my tongue. You know, like honey drippeth from my mouth. ;)

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Not very often. I don’t like to swear a lot, I find it unnecessary and kind of filthy. I frown upon those who swear all the time. If I do swear, it’s usually around close friends or my wife and I’m either joking around or hurt myself really bad.

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I have no idea. I always curse in front of my friends though. And they do too! Sometimes I do in my mind when I’m around my folks. But I mean, when I’m being really stupid and funny with my friends, I’ll say like, what the fuck, or what the hell , or he’s such a douche, or give me the me the damn phone back, you something like that out there. But I mean, I don’t have a problem. Pssh!

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Holy shit! I do have a problem! I’m only 13!

shit, I mean crap or…uggh!

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Infrequently might be a good description for me. I’m in the military and let’s face it, that’s a profession and an environment that’s conducive to profane language sometimes. I don’t curse as much as I used to, which I’m happy about, but I work with several people that talk like sailors and truck drivers much of the time. To each their own I guess.

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Mmmm…I’d say rarely to moderate.’
Mostly when I hurt myself, like slamming my head into my half open garage door the other day!

Or, occasionally under my breath or not so under my breath at other drivers.

Infact, if I find myself swearing more than usual it is a sign I need to defrag…close the ranch gate, turn the phones off and go into my Walden Pond mode.

I did swear at someone that passed me on my little mountain highway on the way back from the river hub the other day.
They came upon me at about 65 MPH in a 40 zone, trecherous little winding road, deer galore and they almost caused a head on with an oncoming car on a semi-blind curve.


F—king MORONS! haha

It was perfect though, came upon these kids broken down on the side of the road about 3 miles out of the state park….instant karma, too perfect!

They were shit outta luck, normally I always stop to see if the travelers need help, but, I just left them in the dust on about a 100 degree afternoon. Little jerks!

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ALL THE EFFING TIME. Though now that I am not with my friends as much…. summer break duuh! I don’t curse as much. But when its time for school and we are all chilling. It GOES down!!

But when it comes to my work or in class or stuff like that and in front of my parents I don’t curse as much. But IN MY MIND I FUCKING CURSE ;)

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On a scale from 0–10, pretty fucking often.

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In my head, all the time..out loud? not all that much.

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All the fucking time. What can I say, I love to say fuck

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I curse more than I should, and I’m not opposed to it. However, I do feel some people swear more often than they need to because they are lazy and can’t think of more appropriate words to express their thoughts.

‘Shit’ is a prime offender of being a verbal filler. Examples:

- Why is there so much shit on your desk?
(Why is your desk so cluttered?)

- I can’t handle this shit right now
(I can’t handle this chaos right now)

- That band was shit.
(That band was The Eagles)

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In all honesty, I cuss under my breath. I want to cuss aloud but I stop myself.

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Every day unfortunately…. :-/
I’m a serial curser.

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All the fucking time…

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It’s when I don’t swear that there is a problem. For that reason, I’m flipping you all off constantly and saying fuck this shit, as I do.

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I don’t swear at all, until I am in the company of certain friends, at which point I’m worse than a drunken sailor.

Which shocks people, because I seem so demure.

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Constantly. It’s been in my vocabulary and in my head for years. Both in French and English. Half the time I don’t even notice it. I do on Fluther because I’m typing so it’s different, (I don’t like altering my initial thoughts though, and I don’t care if people get offended) but otherwise it’s fuck this and shit that and curse your filthy ass and whatnot. I do like trying to be creative sometimes. But since it comes out naturally, it’s hard to set myself into saying Zounds! or damnation!
Workin on that shit, though.

Not because I wanna be less offensive mind you, but I’m very interested and fascinated in the history of cussing. I’d love to learn more about it, and cuss words I don’t know about.

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In other words…too much. Damn.

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Once a month.

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@mattbrowne what’s the occasion?

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I’m pretty sure his answer has something to do with what the song Wolf Moon is talking about. XD

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Different each month.

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I curse, but I don’t drop F bombs on people.

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There was a joke about the F word… I cannot remember which F word was used exactly.

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I’m a klutz. I say fuck quite a bit.

You’re fucking kidding me. It’s Oct. 22 and I just saw a Christmas commercial!

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