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How far will you trust a question?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) July 6th, 2011

Some time we’ll see unusual or extraordinary questions such as:
“What should I do? I drunk and made my sister pregnant”
“I’m terribly ill, my eyes swollen, I got brain cancer, heart-failure, please help me!?”
“How to cook a puppy?”

What makes you want to genuinely answer this question without accusing the OP for being troll, liar, and such? Remember that extra information and reputation aren’t available.

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In the circumstances you describe, about as far as I can throw it.

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I wouldn’t trust any of these questions and would therefore answer them in sarcastic tones and light harted insults just to see if they trust my sincerity.

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Even though your examples are pretty extreme, and I wouldn’t even give them a shot… there have been several questions that just sort of skirt the edge enough to make me raise an eyebrow. If I think that I can offer something helpful in case it is a genuine question, then I will contribute. I figure there is no shortage of snark around here, so it’s not like the question will go unchecked if it does happen to be a troll.
If I don’t think I can contribute anything useful, I usually don’t say anything at all. Unless I’m in a bad mood, then I might be a smartass.

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Cooking puppies is not my field of expertise. I tend not to ponder upon topics I know nothing about, much less whether or not they’re legitimate questions.

Much simpler to stick with what I (think I) know.

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The hallways of social websites such as Fluther are chock full of frauds and even knowing the question is 100% made up and/or hypothetical….I will still answer the question to the best of my ability.

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Well if I see it’s a new member I don’t give to much advice .. most are scared to ask questions under their true identify so others won’t judge them .. but if older members ask it I might have to take it under consideration because those problems could be their own or just someone else’s trouble…

I do however ask most questions that pop up in ” questions for you ” be it from new or old members… though it’s hard to take a new member serious when they ask a hard question just from the start [ there were a few exceptions though they were rare and after that you started seeing that person paying interest into engaging other topics too ] .

My 2 cents .

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Never seen any like that but I would send them back to the scum whole hell they belong in.

yahoo answers

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I don’t trust any of you.

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Nor I you Bob!
I tend to answer any questions I believe I can, fake or not. If this person genuinely needs help with how to cook a puppy and I happened to have cooked one earlier sure I’d give them tips!

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I ignore a lot of those but sometimes I gamble maybe not the OP but someone reading might glean something relevant from my answer and I’ll give my two cents.

For a lot of my life I sugar coated a lot of situations, always giving the benefit of a doubt, always pulling for the underdog, always believing in the exception. Then there came a point when I had enough experiences and observations and years to be able to call some things generalizations but true as far as odds go. I’m not a curmudgeon but I also don’t like to see people spin their wheels unnecessarily.

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I tend not to trust any questions like this and I generally don’t answer them.

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For me it depends on who asks them.

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How to cook a puppy. Lol. And I denno, couldn’t know until I read any details. About how to genuinely answer something that screams trollery, and not the cooking of the puppy.

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I run. Especially If the person has 1 lurve and the question is about 5 miles long.

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I don’t trust this question.

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