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What if everything you thought about Spontaneous Human Combustion was wrong?

Asked by Axemusica (9430points) July 6th, 2011

So I was bored the other night and a movie I remember wanting to see when it came out was finally on netflix. Let me in, was the name of that movie.

Now, there’s a particular part in that movie where the vampire attacked a woman walking her dog in the park. A few minutes of the movie later, it cuts to that lady in the hospital going through the change when a nurse comes in and opens the shades revealing the sun light causing the newly blood loving vampire to burst into flames & roast away.

What if Vampires are real and the reason why there is such a thing as Spontaneous Human Combustion is because they were really unsuspecting vampires that were subject to their own weaknesses?

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Are you proposing this as reality or just asking for fun?

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Well is there any real evidence as to why it happens?

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I think you might be on to something and this I why I love Fluther so much!

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@Axemusica technically there isn’t really evidence that it happens at all. Not without being ignited by some external source, like a dropped cigarette in bed, for example. There are unexplained cases, but it can’t necessarily be ruled out that there was a cause for the ignition.

I saw a show that explained it really well a while ago, if I can remember what it was I will come back and post it.

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I think this was the show I’m thinking of.

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My mother in law still walks this earth,so I know that it is not true.

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A number of the people who have supposedly spontaneously combusted were in closed rooms in houses. No sunlight. Sorry.

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Never go near a naked flame just after you’ve eaten a curry….s’all i’m going to say.

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Damn! That would burn me up.

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What if everything you thought you knew about nuclear power was wrong?

What if zombies deactivated when picking their noses?

What if flamingos are quantum computers?

What if I know all the answers to every question every asked?

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In most vampire tradition and lore, when a vampire burns from the sunlight, it ends up disintegrating and disappearing completely. Perhaps some ashes will remain, or a faint burn mark on the floor for dramatic effect. But in spontaneous combustion incidents, there’s always some significant remains of the person. If vampires obey to the world of myth, spontaneous combustion may be ruled out, in most cases.

One thing to consider would be autopsy tests, especially to see if this corpse has fangs, considering they weren’t damaged too much.
Unless the vampire uses another method to feed, like the dart under the tongue that shoots out and hits the jugular, like the Russian vampire. But even then, that would be found, unless it was completely destroyed by the fire. Same for retractable fangs.
I’m left to imagine that if the vampire obeys to ’‘magic like’’ dispositions, its teeth would come and go as he pleases, without any human or scientific intervention being able to explain, or define anything about the vampire.
Of course, all that magic stuff from myth that couldn’t be explained by science is attributed to symbolism, and as such, the vampire would very likely disappear completely when hit by sunlight, to symbolize the cleansing of evil, which brings me back to square one…

And Let Me In is awesome. You should check out the original, Let the Right One In if you liked it.

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Well, it’s fairly easily falsifiable.
Your hypothesis requires the following:
1) No case of SHC (Spontaneous Human Combustion) can take place at night, or:
a) No non-vampire-related case of SHC can take place at night (assuming that we can distinguish between vampire-related and non-vampire-related cases, or at least make a statistical distribution)
2) A significant number of SHC cases would have neck trauma, and/or would have exhibited an aversion to garlic, crosses, holy water, et al. It’s also likely that some of them would have exhibited anaemia.
3) SHC would be more prevalent in cases where more holy people were in the hospitals, for example Catholic hospitals staffed by nuns might be expected to have more SHC cases than others. (Unless they are naughty nuns, fnar fnar…) In the extreme case, should Jesus or some other extremely holy folk roll along the corridors, there would be a 100% occurrence of SHC among vampires in ward,yes?
Bring us data, we can evaluate your hypothesisssss…...

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Let’s analyze this. Suppose I thought the concept was bull-oney. Now suppose that what I supposed was wrong. Does that mean it’s true, or merely not yet observed?

Or suppose I believed the bull-oney, but I was wrong. Does that mean it’s true, or merely not yet observed?

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