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Imagine if you could get inside the minds of Casey Anthony's parents: What do you think they are feeling?

Asked by jca (36002points) July 6th, 2011

Do you think Casey Anthony’s parents are happy for her (on some level)? Do you think they might be resentful of her? Horrified?

If you could get inside the mind of Casey Anthony’s parents, what do you think they are feeling and thinking, after their daughter has gotten off for the murder of their granddaughter?

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Anger and failure?

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At some point they think it’s their fault… But they should be somewhat happy…

Though even the scandal is so big I still wonder how in God’s name the case had the verdict so soon .. a bit above 2 weeks and case close .. I know that media is making pressure but there are a lot of cases [ even smaller ones ] that take a lot more time .

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Dread that she is out of jail on Thursday and may be expecting them to support her.

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They probably have a sick feeling in the pit of their stomachs as it turns from relief that their daughter is not going to be executed, to fear of how she is going to react to all the media attention now that she’s out of jail, and then to disgust that she may have gotten away with murder, back to hope that their daughter can pull her life together, ...., their stomachs must be turning up a storm. I so feel for them.

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Like they’re on a never ending extreme roller coaster ride.

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I can’t even begin to imagine how they’re actually feeling. If it were me, and Casey were my daughter, I’d personally be feeling disgusted and far beyond pissed off. And I’d disown her publicly.

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I’d try to talk her into sterilization, then I’d leave her to her own resources. I wouldn’t want her to be dead, but wouldn’t want her in my life either. At best she was a criminally negligent mother, incredibly selfish and a liar, and at worst a murderer.

Her allegations towards her father, if untrue, would also weigh in on my feelings about her. I thought it was telling that they walked out of the courtroom after the verdict was read without making contact with her. They must have very ambivalent feelings about this entire thing, and I think that they might feel ashamed too, for whatever they might feel their role is in what made her the way she is.

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One of them is going to off heard it here first

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@woodcutter Actually we heard it from the dad first. I’m thinking dad will off first and bro will follow.

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