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At what point in your life did you feel your best physically?

Asked by Facade (22902points) July 6th, 2011

What was going on during that time?
What’s different between now and then (unless you feel your best now)?

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Surprisingly, I think it is now. I have some recurrent aches and pains but I walk a lot and do aquacise ⅔ times a week. I could stand to lose about 15 pounds but my weight is relatively consistent and manageable. I think that due to the exercise my heart and stamina are pretty good and I am rarely sick for some reason.

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When I was very young <16 years old, and when I was around the age of 21–22. At 21–22 I had started exercising, and it was before I developed a chronic illness I deal with.

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High School Football years. I was a mad teen with scary physique and a mission to dominate every person on the face of the planet, starting with the cheerleader squad.

That’s the best I’ve ever felt physically. I’m not sure it was the peak of my mental ability.

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I started to work out daily 17 years ago.
I look better than I feel.LOL!
Getting MS 2 years ago had changed things for awhile,but not for too long.:)

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Probably around the ages of 10–20. I thought that would be the norm. I was extremely active and healthy riding bikes all day, sleeping like a rock every night and then I was into dancing. After marriage and kids I still felt good and energetic but something wasn’t quite as perfect. One particular example of how I felt at thirty was one night a friend and I took turns doing this: we’d cross our arms over our chest, sit at the top of heavily carpeted stairs and start rocking to give ourselves a fast start. Then we’d BUMP down those steps as fast as we could with our legs straight out. Totally insane, fun and no after effects . No bruising and no fatigue. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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Maybe last year.

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May of this year.

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Pretty much always. I have always been the same. I eat a lot but never seem to gain any fat. Like you don’t see it on my body. Its weird but I guess I just burn carbs that fast ;)


When I was in my early 20s. I had lost a lot of my childhood chubbiness by the time I was 15, and started swimming in my late teens. At age 23 I got into competitive swimming and won a few awards. I felt great at that time physically, but looking back now I don’t remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I feel good about my body!” I wasn’t really conscious of it. I think when you’re young, you take your health for granted. I only realize my health now that I’m in my early 30s, with the everyday little aches and pains! I still swim and keep fit, but I am more aware of my body now. Actually, my body now is comparable to when it was in my early 20s. I’m not complaining. lol

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In my early to mid 30’s. I was dancing 2–4 nights a week and exercising the rest of the time I wasn’t working. It seemed like anything I wanted to do, I had energy to do it and I loved the body I had to do it in.

Nowadays I let myself eat more goodies, exercise a lot less and forgive if there are certain fashions I’ll pass up. Something hit me about 38yrs old that I didn’t want my 2nd leg of life to go by without allowing some sloth and indulgence. I think I’m about past that now, feeling full. Well, maybe some more steak & lobsters and I’ll be done.

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When I was 18 and traveling and hiking around European cities for the better part of every day.

And when I was 10 years old and earlier, before having to deal with homework, parents’ divorce, nor adolescent social angst.

What makes the difference is regular physical activity, being outside, and being free from stress, anxiety, unpleasant drama and obligations.

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I’ve never really felt bad physically…
I’m rarely sick.
I run most days.
I’m good. ;)

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Between 21 to 39. Started to loose energy around 40. I started to catch colds that turned to broncitus, then got acid reflux for about 2 years. That sort of wiped me out. Now I have good weeks and bad weeks. No more colds but I just don’t have the same energy. Physically my doctor says I’m fine. I just have bouts of tiredness. Up till 39, I didn’t know what tired felt like.

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When I was between the ages of fourteen & twenty two, I was exercising every day, in one form or another, be it cycling, swimming, running, playing football or hitting the gym..Then, it all stopped, after I went through a few traumas over a couple of years but I still exercise now, just not as much as I once did…. Still I feel like a twenty something, not the forty something I actually am :-/
I can’t run anymore, not with my knee playing up or play football but the rest two or three times a week now, not every day.

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Between 17 and 35, I think. Even now I have my moments. I think I have a tendency to forget what it was like before, so now that it’s summer and I’m doing a lot more exercise, I feel like I’m better than I was last year. Sort of. I’m not as talented, though.

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Before last september. I was very active.

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Up until I was about 12, things were fine. It all went straight to hell except for a couple of years in college. Then, about four years ago I got serious and lost weight. Was exercising regularly and stairs were no longer an issue. Have since abandoned my treadmill and can’t seem to get back on. And yes, stairs are getting tougher.

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Last evening I witnessed a three year old running circles and eights through tables and chairs in a tavern for about fifteen minutes at an end.
I was awe struck by the energy the kid had.
I was also getting tired from just observing him.
My best years (physically) are behind me, that much I know.
Around my mid twenties, early thirties I guess I was on top.

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I was super fit when I was 17 or so. I was thin, toned, and energetic.

I got pudgier during college, but I’m working on fixing that, and I’m probably stronger than I have ever been now because I’ve been doing a lot of strength training lately.

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Oh, right now. It is mostly because I love the way I look in all states of dress. Having enough energy to do whatever I want really helps, too. I jog with my dog a couple days a week and spend a lot of time on my elliptical.

However, I am still a weakling. I can’t really lift things at all, which just means that other people have to do that, which makes my evil and lazy side chuckle.

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I sometimes dream of running down the road effortlessly as though I were flying. That is how I was at the age of 26 or so. I am in great health and I feel fit but I can’t run like that any more.

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I remember distinctly feeling amazing when I finished the wrestling season when I was 16 or 17. The other time I felt at my peak was when I was 26 and living in Seattle without a car. I could and did walk for miles up and down hills almost daily and frequently was out and about from 8 am until near midnight.

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I just turned 50 and I feel better than I did at 30. I weigh less and pay more attention to diet and exercise.

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