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Bringing in a hanging basket indoors, would it work?

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 6th, 2011

My Dad has a hanging basket outside (one of about 15), that he doesn’t want. Well, I asked for it, and he said that I could have it. ;D Not sure what kind of flowers are on there, but, they’re a pretty yellow with a reddish pink tinge at the top edge of the flower (Begonia?). I have a cute floor planter and would love to bring this flowering plant indoors. Do these usually require a lot of sun? If it lasts me a Summer, I’d be happy. :)

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Was it in full sun at your dad’s?
I don’t see why you can’t do that.
I would try to mimic the growing conditions in your home…..just short of cutting a hole in your roof. :)

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As long as you put it in a sunny window, it should do quite well. Many begonias do well for years indoors. In winter, they may need a period of dormancy (just clip the flower buds off) to save energy for a spring bloom.

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As others suggested, as long as it gets enough sun. It would help if you can find out what type it is (perennial, annual, biennial). It should last the summer though – with enough sun and water.

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Can you show a picture? If it is a Begonia, it should do fine in a sunny window.

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Why don’t you post a picture of it and we can help with care instructions. Your dad may also know the name of it and that would help as well. At very worst, you could hang it outside like your dad had it until the weather started to get colder if it wasn’t happy inside your home.

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I’ll get one, tomorrow, ladies. :) Thanks!

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Begonia’s do fine indoors however they don’t bloom as well inside as they did outside. The plant may go through a very ugly phase when you bring it in adjusting to the difference in the light its getting. I know my plants do regardless of when I take them outdoors for the summer or bring them in for the fall winter. They need to adjust and get the leaves appropriate for the type of light they are getting.

So even if it gets really ugly don’t give up on it, it should turn around and give you new leaves. Also don’t over water it, being outdoors it would require more water then indoors.

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it depends entirely on the plant that’s been upheld by the basket. whether it’s indoor suitable.

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