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If Casey Anthony releases a book, will you read it?

Asked by rockfan (10458points) July 6th, 2011

I definitely wouldn’t. What about you?

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No. I will not support her financially in anyway.

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Not at all.

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No. I didn’t even follow the case. I have not interest in reading any books by or about anyone involved.

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No, I don’t care what that bitch has to say, and hope she gets slowly run over by a large vehicle, starting with her feet.

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Not if she wrote it, but if true crime writer Ann Rule wrote it, I would be tempted. She sticks to the facts.

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Hell no. I would not want to see her profit in any way, shape or form. I would like to see her get a job like the rest of the population and deal with the real world. I think she and her family are low lifes and they deserve each other.

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No way.

I did read OJ’s If I Did It, though. That was creepy as fuck. <shivers>.

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Maybe, someone will knock her off.

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Hell no.

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I would borrow it from the library, if I did decide to read it. I would not pay to read it.

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I would wait for the inevitable made-for-cable movie.

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I wish there was a way to have everyone boycott her. I don’t want people giving her thousands for a thirty minute interview. Forget it.

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No way. It was bad enough hearing her lie. Why would I want to read her lies too.
@Hypocrisy_Central I don’t think I could stand to watch a movie about this fiasco….

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I actually wouldn’t mind a theatrical movie. A movie would make a great statement of how today’s justice system is completely messed up, much like And Justice For All did in the 70’s

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No, if I did, I would be supporting her financially. If I didn’t buy it, but only read it, then I’d be supporting her sociopathic ego.

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@rockfan If they did make a movie, I’d like to sign up to play Nancy Grace, so I could scream and scream and scream about how horrible I think Casey Anthony is. I think it would be cathartic.

I wouldn’t want to be Nancy Grace in real life, but I wouldn’t mind having the chance to play that role in a movie.

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Hell effing no.

I’d rather go against my book-loving heart and torch the bookstore, just to keep her from reaping any profits off her sick ass story.

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No. I like my fiction to have likable characters with redeeming qualities.

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Absolutely not!!! I refuse to support murderers. I will not waste my money to support a f’d up mother who does not care about the child she gave birth to.
I will gladly boycott the author and the publishing company. Because whoever writes the book does not deserve my money either.

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@rockfan I think we all know how messed up the judicial system is, my beef is about Caylee Anthony and how she was never given a chance in this life. The movie would probably be all about Casey and the rest of the dysfunctional family. They should have thrown her mother under the jail (for life) for child neglect whether she was the cause of her death or not.


And give her the publicity she desires? Never.

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If they print it with really soft paper I might get it.

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I didn’t read OJ’s drivel, ain’t readin’ Casey’s. On a small tangent, I won’t read Bristol’s, Rush’s, Sarah’s, and God help me, won’t read Michelle Bachman’s when she publishes, and she will.


@woodcutter Lol! Better than Charmin, huh?

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Charmin? wazzat?

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@woodcutter @MRSHINYSHOES OH! “Big Squeeze” answering the “Call of Nature” with flakes on his bum?

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Oh Mr. Whipple!

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I’d never heard of her or the sordid story until the question surfaced on here the other day.
Therefore any proposed book would be of no interest to me whatsoever.

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No F’n way! But I would read a jurors book,,,I can only imagine what they must be feeling right now!

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No. Not because it would be written by her or because she might benefit financially from it, though. Just because I don’t effing care.

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@linguaphile Will you read Levi Johnston’s book?

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@cockswain Nope. I read books by people who really worked hard to get to where they did and faced challenges along the way. Having unprotected sex with the daughter of a famous hockey mom is not hard work, izzit?

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Obviously I was kidding.

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sorry, @cockswain, missed the joke

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There are several people filing suits against her for financial damages, so she will never see any of the money that might come from any publicity.

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