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Is Fluther really a happy place?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) July 6th, 2011

Inspired by this question I was wondering if I was seeing the same Fluther. One response was ”I think the main reason is because this particular site (as opposed to others) is set up in a way to attract smart, thoughful [sic] people who really want to help other people, and to try to do that in a friendly, consciencious [sic] manner.” I do not see it. The amount of fang bearing, beleaguering, and incivility that takes place, on so many threads, I am thinking there has to be something I missed, or that poster missed. Be it a thread about slutty dress being rape-bait, tattoos, anything spiritual, corporal punishment, and then some, the level of acrimony is almost unfathomable; it is so thick one would need a saw to slice through it, at times it seems there are no members who is immune. If there are so many smart and thoughtful people here who really want to help, why is it so hard for them to expand their minds to really accomplish that? Could they help more if they could logically weigh the issue(s) even if it is in disagreement with what they believe or at lease entertain the idea it might be probable if not possible? If people can answer and ask more from the logic and keep personal druthers to the back of it, Fluther would be a happy, friendly place.

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Well I have noticed a shitload of “what do you hate?” questions lately. Is this a phase or a trend?

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Disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean you hate them or dislike them. Arguing is human nature. What I think is important is that we all learn from each other and respect each other’s point of veiw, even if it is a hundred times different than our own.
I think the positives out-wiegh the negatives.

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I really am not depending on anywhere on the internet for happiness. That would be sad.

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Hypo, you pointing out the spelling mistakes of another jelly is, to be blunt, hilarious.

To actually address your question: despite your insistence that your posts are dripping with logic, often the logic you employ is ‘fuzzy’ at best. Life does not exist in a vacuum; your ‘logic’ often ignores the human element. This is why people from time to time call you a callous jerk, etc.

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Well, it’s like a big family. There are fights and shit like that, and every now and then everyone likes to get together and (pretend to?) show their love for each other.

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@FutureMemory No, covering my bases. I did not want to change the original quote but using it without pointing out the mispelling in the original quote would have surely got the question kicked.

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I think that overall, fluther is a happy place. It becomes challenging every now and then, however… I admit.

There have been moments over the past week, for instance, that I contemplated to give up on fluther. Mostly that was, when talking about ethical topics, I felt people reacted more from a gut reaction than from reasoning.

Indeed, it would be better if people sometimes would use more logical reasoning than they do now. My biggest frustrations in this past week came from false reasoning and an unwillingness to listen to opposing views.

Logic, nevertheless isn’t always the answer… quite often I am more or most interested in how people feel, rather than in how they logically should feel. We’re not vulcans.

I think it would be very helpful, though, if people would refrain from posting convictions and ideas as fact. Convictions and assumptions are after all not less valuable – to the contrary, I’d say – but they warrant different reactions.

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Only if you have Obama tattooed to your ass and you go to counseling twice a week. :P

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It’s nothing more nor less than a place populated by imperfect human beings. It really is special, I think, but, like many places, even the special ones, it is not without both the delights and the pernicious baggage that humans carry with them wherever they go.

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I don’t know that I’d say it’s a happy place. There are many on here who I find to be largely contemptible people. There are bigots, abusers, and generally vile people. Many are nasty to those they do not care for, and others are passive-aggressive and will refuse to even try to work out any issues they might have with other jellies privately. Many, if not most, forget that their tone doesn’t always carry, and that others cannot tell if they are being sarcastic, or genuine, or playful, or curious, or whatever. Many jellies routinely claim to despise judgment and hypocrisy out of one side of their mouth, while judging hypocritically out of the other side. Many can dish it, but cannot take it. All in all, Fluther is often simply a more eloquent 4chan; the TNT “We Know Drama” of the internet.

But. There are also nice jellies. Jellies you want to stay in touch with. Jellies you enjoy chatting with. Or maybe jellies whom you find to have horrible and uninformed politics, but are really great at helping you with your more practical everyday problems.

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why ya hidding @skahammer? say who you really are. :/

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@skahammer All in all, Fluther is often simply a more eloquent 4chan

This exaggeration is beyond ridiculous. And I thought I had a tendency toward hyperbole.

@jonsblond They’ve already canceled their account. And they had the balls to talk about jellies being passive-aggressive, haha!

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@FutureMemory I agree with @skahammer, actually. I want to give this person the credit they deserve. :D

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@jonsblond I think I know who it is.

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again, pm’s. you are disappointing me tonight @FutureMemory.

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@jonsblond I’m sorry babe =/ Lol.

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@FutureMemory This is why people from time to time call you a callous jerk, etc. Maybe that is why those people would not be as artful, helpful or polished as that other question said. People can call me a pompous ass, an arrogant twit or anything their little heart’s desire so long as they can prove it with their oratory and their debate, otherwise……. What was that? Big swing and a miss. I could do all sorts of school yard name calling but when people get to that I know they run out of ammo in their argument and that is all they have left. Whoever on whatever thread if you want to beat someone down use your Gray matter and logic, the tongue is rather weak.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Well, you are known for asking controversial (or pseudo-controversial) questions. It’s like you want people to get upset, sometimes. You get what you ask for, you know?

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It is what it is, that is to say, you get out of it what you want.
It’s just a website after all, nice as it is :¬)

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@augustlan It’s like you want people to get upset, sometimes. Far from it. I ask questions I would hope makes a person stop, rub their chin, and say, ”I never thought of it that way, maybe it could be plausible”. I don’t bother with asking people of faith about why they follow their faith because that is why it is called a faith, you follow because you believe. If it is a science question and I don’t unilaterally except things that a probe hasn’t landed on, scooped up some, or taken lots of photos of is because science only knows what it has the ability to find today. Better techniques and new scientific methods and could render 20% maybe more, of the science we have today useless. There is always the probability that what is known today is wrong in part or all the way there is just no way to point it out yet.

I seen it happen to other members because they dared open their mouth on a particular issue and because it struck a nerve in someone that is close to the issue they want to attack the questioner, the commenter, instead of making the case civilly why they believe the statement was wrong. To simply take the ”I am or have ________ and I am not __________, believing that is stupid”, doesn’t seem very civil or helpful.

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Yes, it really is a happy place.

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Probably, Just like any other similar sites, this site is not certainly a happy place for EVERYONE. Every persons have their own personality and necessity in each sites.

When more people getting emotional rather than more logical there would be inevitable chaos.

@Hypocrisy_Central OMG, You’re actually Dancing_Mind.

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@Your_Majesty I am like Sybiltar, I could be some other familiar-looking avatar at any given moment. They say every avatar has a doppelganger…….or do they?

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I have never spent time on any other Q&A sites so I can’t compare fluther to Answerbag etc.

Is it a happy place? On the surface yes but I think that has to do with the very formal rules and moderation as much as the people it attracts. The people do make a difference of course though and while I don’t think everyone here is a ‘little ray of sunshine’, I do think by and large they temper their less aggressive and obnoxious sides and those who can’t moderate their own behaviour are moderated and are either ejected or are likely to leave voluntarily. Nobody is perfect though. We all have foibles. By its very nature fluther attracts people who want to present their opinions and so there will always be disagreement and I personally wouldn’t want that to be any different.

I said it is a happy place on the surface though because none of us gets to see the whole picture. On the surface we at least for the most part ‘tolerate’ each other publicly. What happens under the surface is most likely another thing. That is where perhaps the nasty pms go on or the conversations about other jellies take place or the cliques come together. The public outpouring of any discontent is really limited to restricting the lurve we dish out to our favoured jelllies, while choosing not to give lurve to those who do not meet with our approval and that goes on for certain.

Is that any different to real life though? People will gravitate towards those they relate to most comfortably and avoid or even ostracise those they do not like or feel no affinity to.

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I of course meant they temper their aggressive and obnoxious sides…not their less aggressive sides… why is the edit time not longer!

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Yes, it is generally a happy place. Sure, there are occasional miscreants, drunk fluthering or making up for a bad day at work or in the sack. But, by far, the general population is civil and even nice to one another.
I know I wouldn’t bother coming here if it was otherwise.

@Bellatrix Nasty PMs? I’ve never received one. Every PM I have received has been nice and friendly. There isn’t a person here (over about 5000 lurve) that I wouldn’t want to meet in a restaurant. And there are a few I’d love to meet!

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@worriedguy. Neither have I, but I have reason to believe it happens which is very sad.

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Under some aspects it is .

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Is there an situation where sending nasty pms is appropriate?

My feeling on this is, if you don’t like a person or don’t like their opinions or their attitude, let it be. Move on. There is no need to continue or promote animosity via direct messages. Just don’t read their posts.

If you have a disagreement with someone and you like that person and feel your attitude or opinion has damaged your connection with them, by all means have a private conversation with a view to finding some sort of resolution.

There is no situation that should warrant sending nasty pms that cause people discomfort though.

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I don’t think so, no. But I’ve gotten my share. Comes with the job, I suppose.

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I would not necessarily classify Fluther as a “happy place”. I would call it an interesting place with lots of interesting people. I don’t come here when I want to relax and veg out, I come when I want to stimulate my mind and satiate my craving for interesting and thought provoking discourse. Can people be jerks sometimes? Absolutely. I have been on the minority side of my share of arguments on Fluther and as long as those involved manage to keep it at least somewhat civil, I’m ok with that. If one is afraid of being called out, Fluther is not the place for that person. But if one is confident enough in the beliefs they wish to share here, then that person will do fine.

As for the part about expanding minds, I can honestly say that I have had my mind “expanded” by the opinions of more than one jelly (I’m looking at you @Kevbo and the jonblond team), I consider that a very good thing.

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@SuperMouse . . . and i get a genuine, simple simile every time i see your avatar. thank you.

Fluther is a Q&A site and we all play our own roles here. Predetermined roles. There is no free will. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!!

So you see, @Hypocrisy_Central, this question was meant to be as well as all the answers to it. Your coming reply, or lack thereof, is also already written. Your fingers are just the vehicle they ride to the screen. Quit fighting and relax. Enjoy your time in Stepford.

help us obi wan. you’re our only hope.

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Hey, my question was inspirational!

I do believe Fluther is a happy place for most people, again because of moderaters.
As for expanding our minds, YES! I don’t know if you’ve ever read the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. But, in that book, books are illeagal. Certain people memorized certain books, knowing that one day that government would end and they would use their collective knowledge to put books back into publication.

Long story short, Fluther is like that. We are in the age of information, supposedly, yet kids know less. As a teenager, I see this in my school. I love to be on Fluther where people older than me have answers that are monitered and helpful. I have learned so much from everybody at this site, even though I only joined in May.

Knowledge is something that makes everybody happier. It’s human nature to want to know things and it’s just natural that we feel better after having learned something, not just about our questions, but about others as well. Because of this, Fluther is a happy place. I’m sure that’s what Fluther’s founders intended and they did good job making that come true.
Phew! That was a long answer!

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Some people just like to hear themselves talk.

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@TheIntern55 Your last answer just convinced me there is hope for our future.
Thanks for brightening my day.

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I have a good time on Fluther except for a few negligible incidents.

I don’t think there is a lot of acrimony in the threads or usually any hard feelings after disagreements. I think there is a lot of lively discussion.

People don’t always agree. That does not mean anything other than that.

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Is it supposed to be? It’s neither happy nor unhappy. People can only be logical and helpful on topics that don’t trigger them. For all of us, what triggers us and what doesn’t trigger us is different so you can have disagreement in every thread, that way. I came to Fluther to get some of what gave me and two years later, I realize nothing will ever be what was to me but that’s no one’s fault.

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What @worriedguy said, for starters (both times).

Other than that… “happy”? I don’t know. A lot of people seem superficially happy, but many times I know that’s just a mask. So I presume that the same is true on Fluther as it is “in real life”. (I know I do that sometimes, so I suppose that others do, as well.) I don’t think anyone is happy all of the time. Anyone sane, that is.

On the other hand, a lot of people who seem to be surly, curt, abrupt, even borderline rude sometimes (why yes, I do have a mirror!) are actually more often than not cheerful, if not outright “happy” most of the time. And some people are just naturally cranky, and that’s just what you get with them. (I’ve often said that some people just aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy about something.)

And sometimes you just can’t tell, one way or another.

But what I can say for certain is that Fluther is a place where some people are almost always thoughtful and interesting and worth the read, and most at least try to be (even though some never are either). So that’s good enough for me, for now.

Anyway, I tend to really look askance at people who are happy all the time (or pretend to be, or want me to think that they are). Are you happy now? Okay then, stfu and die.

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Well, I like to think that one of the assets I bring to fluther is my humor and happy go lucky attitude. :-D

I’ve digressed a few times, usually involving bullies and those that beat others with their big ego sticks, and, admittedly, I have little tolerance for those that argue in favor of lack of moral consciousness and walking grievances looking for causes.

But yes, I think Fluther has a happy component.
I also choose to follow and fraternize with those that have a sense of humor, a playful side, and a diplomatic way of showing up.

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I think everyone has their own definition of what happy is. For some, happy is making a lot of friends, making jokes and sharing very intimate stuff. For others —like me for instance— happiness is a sort neutral state with lack of extreme emotions. I like people being polite and civil which in my opinion results in a harmonious environment.

Whether this place is happy or not also depends on what you are looking for and how long you have been here. This is the first Q&A site I’ve ever joined, so I have no others to compare it to. However, I contribute in other forums of different nature and I find them the same as here 50% nice people and 50% not so nice —again nice for me is someone polite, civil, and open-minded, not necessarily someone clicky or giggly [being sweet, witty and funny is an added bonus I always appreciate]—. This site —like every other site on the net— is a microcosm of the outside world, and you are bound to find all kinds of people.

It is a bit annoying though that you want to address a topic in a serious matter-of-factly manner just to find that some people interpret disagreement or opposite views to theirs as an attack and get very defensive and to make matters worse, others come to their rescueof the so called attack. IMO what’s important is not essentially what you say but how you say it. I never aim or get kicks out of reaching a general agreement in any subject, what I enjoy most is learning from others and exercising my intellectual and expression skills.

I got my bucket of cold Fluther reality early on when I joined, the topics were cheating and drug use, boy! did some make sure to let me know that they resented my views and had better back off to say the least. But since I wasn’t looking for any kind of validation, that flew over my head.

@skahammer Many, if not most, forget that their tone doesn’t always carry, and that others cannot tell if they are being sarcastic, or genuine, or playful, or curious, or whatever. Many jellies routinely claim to despise judgment and hypocrisy out of one side of their mouth, while judging hypocritically out of the other side. Many can dish it, but cannot take it. Best comment ever.

I would say that if what you (anyone) are looking for is happiness, look for it elsewhere, preferably in the real world.

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Into every life a little rain must fall, goes for this scene too.

I dunno if ‘happiness’ is exactly the right term, but, if something makes one smile or laugh, that would be happiness, here or in the real world. ;-)

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@Coloma Yep, absolutely, it all depends on how you define the term. I’m a big girl, I can handle an unexpected shower here and there. No biggie. This is a walk in the park compared to other places in RL.

For me happiness is a little bit more than a smile or laugh; however, many smiles and many laughs in a row definitely account for a happy moment. But you don’t a string of either here in Fluther. As I said, it also depends on your expectations and how long you stick around here.

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Since sometimes Fluther can be cause me to feel bored, annoyed, or indifferent at times, I’d say it cannot only be a happy place. But overall it’s a positive place.

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Happy is seriously overrated.

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People think that happiness is the be all, end all of life, of everything. That’s just not how life is. Plus, there are so many more interesting things than happiness—quirkiness, sarcasm, truth.

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@tinyfaery I think people just define happiness in different ways. I once saw a man talking about happiness, and he said American usually equate happiness with a “hi” feeling. So, Americans feel unhappy quite often. While other cultures find happiness in daily routine.

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@tinyfaery Agreed. Maybe happiness is being OK with all that.

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“Happiness” is contentment for me, not a series of big highs.

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I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a ‘happy’ place but I feel, for the most part, respected here and able to have a voice…welcomed and sometimes really loved…and that’s pretty special

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I would say that fluther is not really a happy place. Then I would wonder why anyone cares? It’s a real place, and that’s what makes it valuable. People tend to show more of who they are then in other places. They do it in a revealing way, not in a poser way. For some reason, posing doesn’t work here. Maybe people have better bullshit detectors.

Sometimes I think the bullshit detectors are a little too sensitive, resulting in too many false positives. But mostly, they hit the target, or detect the incoming missiles and disarm them. The result is that you get people’s real thoughts and feelings, with fewer filters, and they find ways to express their differences without attacking each other. That’s a good thing, but not necessarily a happy thing.

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Fluther is like a Paradise where everyone is polite and helpful to everyone else. And then a snake came in to Paradise just to make things interesting.

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I would not call Fluther a “Happy Place”. I would call it a “giant dysfunctional family who has bad moments, but almost every family member is ready to lend a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen when a fellow jelly needs it.”

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Happiness is a warm sandwich, it’s not a state of permanent joy.

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I’m not sure I’d label Fluther happy. However, I think it is predominantly a place of encourgement, positivity and knowledge (with a dash of humour on the side).

I think people get out of it what they put into it – especially online. For websites like this, typed words are the main source of communication. If you act like an ignorant ass, people will most likely treat you like one. If you act like a good friend, people will most likely treat you like one.

If you type like this all the time: zomg u mak me vry crzy!! not expect to attract the intellectuals of the group (at least in a positive way). Ect, ect, ect… I think you get my point.

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Nope, I do get a happy feeling when I read many of the questions here. To me, happy is something that is generated from within.

Afterthought Unless happy means I’m happy none of that stuff happens to me.

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I denno about ’‘happy’’, and some of what you describe, I have seen it done, if I’ve not done it myself. Fluther is special, but it’s still the Internet, and as such, it can only obey to the limitations of said communication medium. That can bring a lot of problems, but I think most of the time, most of us are mature and clever enough to work through it.
People are going to argue. People are going to get iffy. Alliances will be forged, cults formed, and people disliked. Flame wars will happen. (they’re pretty fucking rare here though, that is, if you’ve ever seen a genuine forum flame war)
But there’s not really enough of that, at least through my observation, to define Fluther. Now I know that’s not what you’re doing, but there’s tons of good stuff happening on here. Sure it gets cruel at times, but everywhere is like that. What keeps me here is how easy going most people are, how this place encourages open minded material, and the freedom it gives us.
But being able to talk about cannibalism won’t stop people from being people. It’s gonna happen. I certainly recognize what you’re saying. I’ve seen some vile things go down, people being hurt and all, but I’ve seen a lot of the opposite. I think I’m going in circles at this point though. Point is, friendships have been formed here, real friendships, such as they are. People were helped, they learned stuff, or just chill out and fuck around. They have fun, laugh, and decompress. It’s mostly what I do. It’s not all hyenas ripping one another to pieces.

And anyways, whether it’s good or bad, and it’s just my personal opinion, but we probably shouldn’t take the Internet so seriously, at least when it comes to living our life and finding happiness. That’s not what Fluther was ever about. Now I’m not gonna say that’s your deal, but you have to admit, your details play a strong angle on that issue, at least the way I see it.

I don’t know if it’s a happy place, at least, in what sense you might mean…it’s generally fun and decent though, a lot more so than some other communities. I mostly stay out of debates and heated arguments, but not because I think everyone doing it is some madman who just wants to be right. I’m just lazy, and it’s not really my thing anyways.

If some of the users in this question are right and that you post questions meant to instigate the darkness of which you speak, well you reap what you sow. Then again, maybe not. Hell I denno. I just chill around and don’t really worry about that stuff. Maybe the sense of significance is different to different people? I just personally don’t think you should take sharp edges all that seriously.

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I don’t think Fluther is a “happy” place. Nor do I expect it to be. It’s a place where you can find challenging questions, interesting opinions, banter, arguments and silliness. You have the choice of whether or not to get involved every time you come to the site.

I think the people who make most use of it do so for reasons other than looking for happiness. There are many questions from obviously unhappy, physically or psychologically injured, or naive, uneducated people who are looking for human contact and an answer to questions they have.

I like it because there are such a variety of people of different ages, social and educational backgrounds, nationalities, etc. involved. You don’t have to pretend anything about yourself, but you can if you want to. It’s a site that takes you away from the everyday problems you have to cope with and gives you a wide variety of other things to think about.

And I say “Bravo!”

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@Hypocrisy_Central You have the tendency to believe that every user who disagrees with you is illogical and using only their emotions to answer your questions. While you beg for others to explore and understand your point of view, you often times fail to do it in return for those with a differing opinion and write it off as someone only fueled by emotional and unreasonable druther.
And before you disagree, check back on some of your questions and the countless number of times you have thanked someone for “seeing the logic” just because they agreed with you and told everyone else they were either illogical, didn’t have the ability to spot your logic or attempted to answer too challenging of a question.
^ That, in itself, is neither reasonable or thoughtful.
You consistently contribute to the behavior you describe in your details.
Before you suggest to others how they could personally change to make Fluther a happier place, perhaps a little introspection is in order for yourself.

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@Vunessuh You have the tendency to believe that every user who disagrees with you is illogical and using only their emotions to answer your questions. While you beg for others to explore and understand your point of view, you often times fail to do it in return for those with a differing opinion and write it off as someone only fueled by emotional and unreasonable druther. First off that is part of the problem, people keep trying to quantify or pigeon hole what my intentions are and assume its to be a bee hive and the birthday party. There are answers that have little logic less the person wants it to be a certain way. There are issues that might be 80% one-way but there is that 20% chance of being another way. Many want to discount that probability that the 20% might come into play. I have seen your answers in threads I thought were quite logical but because it personally went against what some others thought, they wanted simply to dismiss it, when it was probable and quite logical. Can you honestly tell me that most here would go with the logic over emotion even when it goes against their personal views? I have many times, but then no one ever stops to figure that out just that everything I agree with is because I have a personal liking to it. I have many times commented in a thread that I agreed with someone even if on the last 7 threads we were on the opposite sides of things. I am not going to sit and nod if someone tries to apply a certain logic to issue “A” but not issue “D” when the same logic would apply only because if they did it would not make issue “D” correct and they have some personal reason for “D” to be correct.

I can hold my own. I have not been squashed in to a gelatinous yes-man yet. I have seen others trounced unyielding on other threads because their views were not popular with the pack. And no one would see their logic, I could, because I tried to see it with an open mind, but try to pigeon hold them as being a certain way because of how they answered. If Fluther was a physical place many times I would expect to see a mob with torches and pitch forks stomping down the street yelling for blood.

Some people do get a lot of love all the time, those who dare to shake the apple tree, maybe not so much.

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@Hypocrisy_Central You are not God. You believe that every opinion and point of view that comes from you is untouchable, infallible wisdom and anyone who challenges such inarguable insight is an emotional, illogical baby. This is not about the standpoints that you do or don’t agree with. This is about how you treat other users who don’t agree with you. It’s always everyone else failing to see “the logic”. You’re perfect. Everyone else is behind and needs to catch up with you. You have the ability to educate and no one else does. Those who reject your voluntary teachings are only placing their emotions before their rationale. Get over yourself. You so desperately want other’s to have an open-mind regarding what you have to say, but you don’t grant a differing perspective the same respect.

How can you actually expect people to tolerate your manipulative and condescending behavior towards them, when you say that the question you’ve asked is too challenging for them because they couldn’t answer it logically (the way you wanted them too) or that they must have jumped on a bandwagon of similar thoughts rather than having a mind of their own? You need more self-awareness and asking others to conform to how you personally view the world because it’ll make your time here more enjoyable is absolutely ridiculous.

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@Vunessuh You are not God. You believe that every opinion and point of view that comes from you is untouchable, infallible wisdom and anyone who challenges such inarguable insight is an emotional, illogical baby. Seeing you have your mind made up to what the truth is and my motives with nothing more to go off of than conjecture, I won’t spend too much time on it. I challenge you to find a tread where I claim to be God, if that is too hard, lets start with Jesus. I can bet my donuts to anyone’s dollars you will never find that. I am not clairvoyant and I doubt anyone, even you, are. Logic is like math, you have about 5 to 6 different ways to add to 10, but it is the same if you are in China, Russia, Niger, Qatar, as it is in Brooklyn. If someone is going to tell me that because they are in Qatar 7+3 is 12, I expect them to be able to prove it. If it is able to be done they should they don’t have to like it or hate it, it will add up like they want it to add up.

It’s always everyone else failing to see “the logic”. You’re perfect. And you know this how? Never mind, it is unproven and opinion. Another phrase you would never find in any threat or question. Logic is logic, it is like math, you can’t change it to your whim, if someone tries to feed me logic or reason on the left side because it supports what they like but don’t want to apply the same logic to the right because they don’t support the issue, I will always point that out. As I have said, I have pointed out logic that I didn’t agree with but just because I don’t agree with the issue doesn’t chance the tenets of the logic.

Those who reject your voluntary teachings are only placing their emotions before their rationale. Right now you are not doing that very thing? You have made statements to what I have said, how I have said it, to whom I have treated in what manner, have you read every single post and you didn’t come armed with any evidence to support the claim. You have it in your mind that I am lording over people with my nose in the air, but unless you have read every last comment to see what I said to every person in the collective, it is speculation from a personal perspective.

How can you actually expect people to tolerate your manipulative and condescending behavior towards them,... I could answer that but I don’t want to toss more fodder out there for speculation so I will say it like this, if I am manipulating anyone I am surely doing a lousy job of it. If I was that good I would have more than 30k lurve. Condescending would be trying to equate someone as being no sharper than a bag of bowling balls for their thoughts and I have not done that intentionally but many others have, and no, to name names, etc. would be a personal attack, but I guess that is one thing this “happy” place seems to be happy to have.

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This reminds me of a parable from somewhere:
An old man was sitting by a rbridge at the entry to a town. A stranger walked up carrying his possessions and asked the old man “I am considering making this town my home. What are the people in the town like?” The old man answered with a question, “What were the people like in the town you came from?” The stranger answered, “They were kind, just, and friendly.” The old man said, “The people in this town are exactly the same way.” The stranger walked into town.
Later, a second stranger walked up to the old man and asked the same question about the town ahead. The old man asked about his previous town. The stranger answered, “The people were nasty, jealous, unfriendly, and untrustworthy.” The old man answered, “The people in this town are exactly the same way.” The second stranger moved on.
There were probably a few trolls under the bridge. But who cares? They wither and die if you don’t feed them

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You had me at “old man”.

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So, yeah, @Vunessuh, stop being illogical, lawls.

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Welcome to Fluther, @melissamorenosexy. We all spend a lot of time here, and when you’ve been bitten by the bug, then so will you. Welcome to the collective.

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