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Firefox trouble -- any idea why my browser suddenly won't play Youtube videos?

Asked by Nullo (21944points) July 7th, 2011

The affliction seems limited to Youtube videos only, and only videos viewed from the main site. Embedded videos work per normal. If it helps, I have Flash Block installed, requiring that I authorize each flash element that wants to run on my page.
When I go to watch the video, I click the ‘play’ button and the screen remains dark and noisome.

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Have you updated to FF5 and Flash 10.3?

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Do you have your Flash Player Hardware Acceleration enabled?
If you do, try disabling it.

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Mine just did that. Restart your browser. worked for me.

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Youtube is having issues. Either start by going to the main YouTube site for starting, or, any video you want to play, put an S after the http. So it is

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One more possible fix is cleaning out your internet cache and other temp files. I use C-Cleaner by Piriform, a free utility that also fixes registry errors.

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