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What are some good sites for winning prizes or getting free stuff?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) July 7th, 2011

Just wondering if you guys know any good sites for winning stuff or getting free things online? Specifically Tech kinda stuff(but anything is cool). I’m not a lucky person or a rich person so i figured maybe I’d try my luck if the option is out there haha

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Most of the sites that I have seen weren’t really worth the trouble. One of the cool things I have done for a while now is to collect and enter points from Coca-Cola products on My Coke Rewards –

It’s not completely free since the codes come from bottle caps and 12 packs, but what I do is ask people to save their caps and boxes for me. The points can be turned in for all kinds of cool stuff.

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@maryanne12 some are scams though. I think he wants personal experience. I’d say they’re all not really worth it. Too much time and effort for too little reward.

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Here is a great site. You get their pedometer and then you get points for days with over 10,000 steps. The points can be redeemed for valuable prizes—all you gotta do is walk!

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Our newspaper sponsors a site where we can earn points and spend them on contest entries to win movie tickets and other prizes. I have been participating three months now, but I have never won anything.

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You can search related sites after putting the keywords whatever you want over Google…..

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You can participate in online surveys but those things are a huge waste of time. You pretty much have to do those things for the rest of your life to even get a thousand dollars. Some may not even have surveys every day.

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