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Are these plants Chamomile?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) July 7th, 2011

I am growing German Chamomile and growing outside my garden are these plants
The flowers are identical to the Chamomile I am growing but the leaves and plants look much different. They are about 3 feet tall and the flowers are about dime size.

What are these plants? Thanks for any help here.

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Chamomile daisies appear to have fewer petals; this looks like a fleabane (erigeron) to me. The petals are more needle-like. It is a really common tall weed and is growing all over here now.

Daisy fleabane

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@gailcalled Thanks! That is them! The flowers smell a lot like Chamomile so that is what prompted me to ask this!

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P.S, I noticed both white and shell pink fleabanes along my drive this morning.


Blue chicory
White Queen Ann’s lace
Yellow butter and eggs
Yellow wild mustard
White daisies
Black-eyed susans
Pink and blue vetch
Purple clover
Magenta loosestrife

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@gailcalled I live next to a wetland so I should be able to find all of those! Thanks again!

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Let me know. Some of these like dry, rocky, and lousy soil rather than wet feet.

I left out thistle, Joe Pye Weed, milkweed and wild morning glory (bindweed.)

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