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Who came up with the stupid theory that the world will end in 2012?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) July 7th, 2011

I understand that some weirdo said that the world would end in May at like 6:00. That was stupid because It’s July 7th.

Anyway, I want to know who said the world would end next year. Because yeah, The Mayan calender ends next year or whatever, but what if they just got tired of writing the calender?

Who was the idiot to declare this to the world?

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A number of people are promoting it.

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The History Channel.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I lol’d.

There are thousands of people promoting this idiocy. Basically, there are prophecies from beyond that have stated that the world would end and the idiots basically believe that it’s all true. However, these are just a handful of prophecies out of thousands. It’s better to just watch everyone and laugh at them when it doesn’t happen.

Funny thing is, the date that everyone thinks that it will end is my 21st birthday. :P

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There were actually a set of idiots and none of them said, “the world will END in 2012.” The Mayans , thousands of years ago, had a calendar more accurate than ours. This calendar ends on the exact date of Dec 21, 2012. There was a physicist who died fairly young who also made some sort of calendar that ended on that date. His calendar outlined major events over hundreds of years. I can’t think of his name; he hung out in the Amazon and published a lot of books. There is another very complex 5,000 year old book , the I Ching, that alludes to that date. Those are the only idiots that I’ve heard about. I couldnt explain the I Ching if I tried but it’s very interesting.

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@Aster . . . Terence McKenna. He also postulated that human consciousness was jump started when our simian ancestors happened upon some special ‘shrooms.

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The major misconception with the Mayan Calendar is that it predicted December 21, 2012 to be the end of the world, or end of days.

It didn’t. The Mayans set their calendars up into “era’s” of thousands of years. The last one they wrote ends on December 21, 2012.

You have to listen to people whine about the end of days and write crappy movies about it, because the Mayans figured writing their calendar out several hundred years in advance was good enough for now.

Besides, even if it was some kind of prediction…. they weren’t really that good at that anyways, they sure didn’t see the Spanish coming.

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@Aster The Mayans did not have a calender more accurate than our current calender. Our calender is so accurate that we have leap seconds. However, their calender is more accurate than Roman and Julian calenders.

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@KatetheGreat That could be the greatest two-one birthday of all time! And with the world ended, no hangover!

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@zenvelo Hahaha, I was thinking more along the lines that my birthday will be so entirely epic, that I will cause the world to end! :)

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The Mayan calendar ends. I wouldn’t call them stupid, but they couldn’t make an infinite calendar. And people like drama. Remember Y2K LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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Bide a Wee nursing home for the permanently bewildered.
One of the more eccentric patients wore a sandwich board in town saying as much.
You’d have thought the fact that he was naked aside from the dwarf he was wearing as a hat would have detracted from his prophecy….apparently not!

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Someone who had a lot of spare time .

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Nostradamus predicted it. However, he didn’t give a date. Modern people made that up.
The world will end eventually. The Sun will go through the star cycle and end.
But that won’t happen for a few billion years.
In the meantime, let’s go have a drink to celebrate @KatetheGreat‘s birthday!

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I saw a far-sideesque cartoon of a Mayan working on a calendar saying ‘I ran out of room at 2012, boy! that’s gonna mess some people up!’

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The Mayan calendar refered to the day our Solar System moves from the lower plane, to the upper plane of the Milky Way. The people who misunderstood it are the idiots.

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Many people/groups have come up with quite a few theories revolving around 2012, but you have to bear in mind that many people who claim that the world will end there are unaware that the Death card in the Tarot deck merely means “transformation”.

There is no doubt that the world will undergo a change in 2012 when the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar reaches it’s end. How many people here still use a 2010 calendar? Most people don’t use then any more, so that is a change from where we were a year ago at this time.

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The Mayans were an advanced civilization living in Central America during the 6–9th centruy A.D. They were great mathematicians and astronomers and one of their most notable accomplishments is the creation of a calendar so precise it could predict a solar eclipse thousands of years before it happened. It is said that the calendar predicted the Spanish invasion to the exact date on March 5, 1519.

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The delusional doomsday crowd.

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I can’t help but wonder what those people think when the day comes….and goes….

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Let’s ask them in January 2013.

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