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Why do all of the drug ads on TV seem to focus on the same diseases?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) July 7th, 2011

While watching TV, I realized that all of the advertizements for medicine all feature of the following diseases/medical conditions-

Dry Eye Syndrome
Restless Leg Syndrome

I cannot remember ever seeing a prescription drug ad that did not fit on the above list. Why are these five diseases so heavily advertized?

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Because drug companies look for diseases that are common enough to create a market for their product when they decide what to research and develop.

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You must not watch sports: it seems every other ad is for erectile dysfunction or severe heartburn. And high cholesterol treatments.

I see medication for a lot of different conditions advertised on TV.

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I see them for erectile dysfunction all the time. Also heart burn, Arthritis, high cholesterol and weight loss drugs.

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To sell pills! Big Pharma is big business and they got the public hooked on their pills for all the ills they make you believe you need more pills to cure! Vitamins and supplements are the biggest offenders! Exercise and eat healthy foods and you won’t need their pills!

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I also see them for anti-smoking drugs a lot.

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That’s where the money is.

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Because those diseases have a large pool of sufferers or would-be sufferers and so medicines to help them can sell the most.

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Supply & demand rules the drug market the same as it does the rest of the economy. If they had a pill for lazy couch potatoes or the jobless, you’d see those ads most of all.

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The ones on Food Network are mostly for high cholesterol. Just saying.

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