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So Rupert Murdoch's NotW was caught hacking phones, does anyone think maybe Fox News does this?

Asked by tedd (14073points) July 7th, 2011

For those not up to date on international news…. News of the World, a Rupert Murdoch (and if I’m not mistaken, feel free to correct me if I am, News Corp) owned news company in Britain was found to have hacked phones in a quest for new information, including the relatives of slain British soldiers from Iraq, and a teenage murder victim. There was such an outrage in Britain that the paper is basically shutting down for good.

Anyone think maybe Fox does this type of stuff too? (some devious implications on my part intended :) )

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If they did, they had better look out, because they will be prosecuted.

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No. I think Faux Noos is too ignorant to do anything of the sort.

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Fox News does not have to hack anything they could not invent on their own.

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I wouldn’t be shocked if they had, or the NY Post, either, for that matter. But the stories on Fox don’t seem to go into as much detail as the NotW, and what went on with regard to that poor murdered girl by that paper’s “reporters” just turns my stomach.

I hope the family sues Murdoch for all he’s got.

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I’m sure they do.

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Didn’t Hugh Grant sneak an interview with someone who works as a stringer for Murdoch’s papers and the dude basically gave away the store on what happens?

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There is no indication that Faux News has any interest in getting the story right.

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All you need to do to figure out what Fox News and folks like them are up to is listen to what they are constantly accusing those their propaganda is aimed at of doing. They are just incredibly mired in psychological projection. Mind you, I’m not talking about news stories that they report on, telling us what actually happened. I mean the stuf they make up for demonizing their “enemy”. It’s all pure projection.

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This story is getting bigger and bigger in the UK. Rupert Murdoch’s organisation had almost 10,000 compromised phone numbers including murder victims, terrorist victims, politicians, policemen, employees of the Royal Family and goodness knows who else.

Rupert Murdoch was hoping to buy BSkyB and become even more dominant in the UK media but this is looking less likely to go ahead due to public outrage at the methods of his companies. Like a wounded animal biting off its own leg Murdoch unexpectedly closed the very successful but tainted News of the World paper but the rot has already spread much further towards the very heart of a global media company that owns among other outlets, Fox News.

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The US Justice Department could and should go after Murdoch and News Corp for the bribery and corruption in their UK subsidiary. But Eric Holder’s “In“Justice Department seems totally OK with corporate crime so long as it only involves stealing billions or trillions. No prosecutions for the Wall Street scams that brought the economy down. No prosecutions for Bush war crimes and torture. The real target if this “In“Justice Dept. is the kid who has more than one ounce of pot.

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