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What is a good "pick-up line" to entice someone to try Fluther?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28441points) July 7th, 2011

I’ve been seeing people in the street and hang-out places and would like to introduce them to Fluther. But I don’t want to spend a lot of time explaining myself so what is a good one or maximum of two sentences you think I could say?

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Do you like jelly?
Or, you could dance!

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Do you or do you not like jellies?

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Would you like to dip your toes in the waters of reason, before returning once again to frolic on insanity beach?

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Hey do you know why we have two nostrils? I know a place that does….

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Wanna see the proof that Google is God?
There’s a guy I know who has it. You can find him at this place called Fluther.

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We should get Fluther cards made up with our avatar on them so we can hand them out to people we like.

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Hey baby, want to see my jellyfish?

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Do not, under any circumstances, go to this website (hand out URL). It will wreck your brain. I mean, look at me!

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I have told a few people about it.My old boyfriend might join.I am afraid of this.LOL!

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You look like someone who likes to think…
(but I’m more busy keeping some certain people away from Fluther!)

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“Wanna improve your spelling abilities?”

“Hey, check out this amazing _________, you can find it at ”

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Want to have your faith in the internet renewed?

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Don’t like your neighborhood? Join Fluther!

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Whoa, is that a Darwin fish and an Obama ‘08 sticker on your bumper? Dude, come feel the lurve!

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Batman has a Fluther… You should get one too. ;)

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@MilkyWay Awesome. That’s all.

Mine; Porn, death and beer! Get over here!

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Better now draw everyone here .. the community itself is good , I’m sure we do not need to fill it with a lot of weirdos [ it’s less likely to pick up good people with all the others ].

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I’ve tried to say what I could but all of them just hang for a moment and never return… Most of them just can’t speak English and some don’t think this is an interesting place. And I ask them so we can lurve each other just like other people here. He he… XD.

Tell them that this is a very polite site with neat and thought-provoking questions. People seem very intelligent in this site (try not to sound so hyperbolic or they might be disappointed if it doesn’t meet their taste). And free breakfast for every 100 lurve!

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No way would I tell people! I have sooo many secrets on here.

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