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How do I develop a stand alone wikipedia style system that will work when I am not connected to the internet and will only be accessible by me?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10898points) July 7th, 2011

I am trying to develop this system to help me sort through information. Would it be best to just create my own wiki? What options do I have to access this type of system when I am not connected to the web.

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If you have a Mac, Voodoo Pad is designed for this type of thing. It’s only $40, and has a free trial. I use it to organize the many aspects of projects I’m working on and have been happy with it.

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TiddlyWiki is browser-based but does not require and internet connection.

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+1 for TiddlyWiki

You could also install a web server and a blank copy of Wikipedia’s software on your computer. It’s free. MediaWiki

But if TiddlyWiki fits your needs, I would go with that for the simplicity.

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@jaytkay How does one install a web server onto the computer….I found Apache, I guess I’m doing the right thing…

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XAMPP is the I think the easiest way to install Apache.

I would highly recommend using a spare computer. Or using a virtual machine, like VirtualBox.

There is a learning curve on running a web server, and it’s nice to be able to wipe it and start fresh ( or goof up) without messing up the PC you depend on every day.

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I second @Vortico‘s recommendation for TiddlyWiki. I’ve been using it on all of my browsers for a little over a year as a nominal home page and major links repository.

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@Ltryptophan I’m curious to know what you do for a living… You seem to always ask questions that I’m thinking about…

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