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Which has been the most stupid dumb question here on fluther? and Which has been the best question ever asked that generated the most discussion?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) April 29th, 2008

I remember reading a few days ago somebody brought up the issue that some of the questions should be directed toward google or other sites. On the other hand I am curious to know which question tops it all, the number one on this forum. No need to reveal whose question was it!!

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This one is currently in the lead with number of responses, I believe:
and it may be the answer to all of your questions – depending on your POV

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The problem is that “best” and “stupid” are so subjective. Consider this question I asked a while back. First person thought it was the best question ever, second person thought it was the “gayest” question ever.

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There is a large range of age, interests, literacy, and opinions. As an older person, I am personally not interested in the Hulk, lame or cool school buses, what people are having for lunch or whether Armegeddon is arriving in 2012. But that is my POV.

Some of the questions w. the most responses invariably evolved into gossip, one-liners, chatter and just plain inanity..Mods. do their best, which is very good.

The Google issue is for simple research. “What is the population of the Faroe Islands?’’ is easy to look up.

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@phoenyx- Love the question!

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