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Can you please help me upload a portrait photo from a photography site to Facebook?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 7th, 2011

I had some pictures taken at a department store portrait studio. They emailed the photos via their website, you enter a code and you can view the photos as a slideshow, order them online if you’d like, etc. I want to save a few photos to my computer and upload at least one to Facebook. I have been having trouble. On Facebook, when I go to where you add photos and then “browse from your computer” FB tells me something about the file is not a good one or something similar. When I look at what I saved to my computer, the saved file brings me back to the photography site, not the individual photo.

In the past, from this same department store portrait studio, I have saved photos to my computer. However, it’s possible that they have altered their site so this is no longer possible.

I am not sure if it’s no longer possible to upload from the site, or if I am just not doing the right thing. Can you please help an un-tech-savvy girl? Thanks!

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Are you using Windows Vista or Windows 7?

They include the Snipping Tool for capturing what’s on your screen.

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I don’t have Vista.

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Can you just right click on the photo and save it to your photos? Then you can upload it to facebook.

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@JLeslie has the better idea, but if the web site prevents that, here’s the way to copy your screen in Windows.

On the screen you’d like to save, hold down the “Shift” key on your keyboard, and then press the “Print Screen” key.

Open up Microsoft Paint (or similar program).
In Microsoft Paint, click “Edit” on the top tool bar, and choose “Paste” from the drop down menu. In MS Paint, you can now edit your screen shot as needed. You may want to “highlight” certain areas, or use arrows to indicate to your reader what section of the screen you’re referring to.

Click on “File,” on the top navigation bar, then choose “Save as” from the drop down menu.

Microsoft Paint will default to wanting to save the file as a bitmap, but by clicking on “Save as type” below the file name, you can choose “jpg.”

Use your saved screen shot as you would use any other jpg file

It’s not mentioned, but you will need to look around your paint program for “Crop” to pick just the part of the screen you want.

I copied those steps from here:

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I don’t have Microsoft Paint.

I have tried repeatedly to save the file to my computer, and when I click on what I have saved, I get the entire website, not the individual picture. It’s very frustrating. I have photos from this photog’s site from the past that I have just uploaded to FB. I guess they may have done something to their site so that people can’t save the pix?

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I am going to see if someone at work can help me do this tomorrow. I am baffled.

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What is the photography site? Are they just proofs to get you to purchase an image?
what is the file extension?
if so @jaytkay is spot on. And you must have some program that crops photos as it will grab either the whole screen or the whole browser window. You can do “paste” or Control-V to paste it into lots of programs and crop it there.
If you cannot afford to buy an image from the photographer, this will work.

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@anartist: I am purchasing printed photos but want to put up some on FB.

the site is JC Penney Portrait studio. I have repeatedly tried to save the individual photo(s) to my desktop and each time, when I click on what I saved, I get the entire site.

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When you say the entire site, do you mean the entire page? Why not just crop it down to the photo?

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@JLeslie: I meant the site, as in with links to click to order, contact us, etc.

I don’t know how to crop. I am going to have someone I work with help me tomorrow, because I know little about tech stuff, and it may also be that the site is made so you can’t copy the stuff (because it’s copyrighted).

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@jca If it is copyrighted you cannot put it on your facebook unless you have the right to, even if it is your image.

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@JLeslie: I emailed you the site to see if you can copy pic, along with instructions.

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It says it requires flash, so I need to change to a different computer, it won’t work on my ipad.

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I just had a coworker help me – using the “paint” method. FB friends can see it on FB! Thanks, all for the advice (even though I’m not savvy enough to use it on my own!).

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@jca open the photo to its largest size. Set your browser to full screen display. Do screen grab as I said before. You will get the full page—then crop page to the photo in a variety of programs including MS Word, MS Paint, Picasa to name a few. Save the final result as jpg png or gif and upload result to FB.

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