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What is your (or your child's) oldest personality trait?

Asked by keobooks (14301points) July 8th, 2011

I am sure that my daughter won’t be into peekaboo like she is today when she’s 20. But I do wonder if any of her traits she has now will stick with her.

I have a nephew that was obsessed with cameras when he was just barely over a year old. He’s only six and still really into it. I wonder if as an adult, he’ll be a photographer and everyone will remember how he used to grab random cameras off tables and snap pictures and when people were going through their pictures that evening, they’d wonder why they had so many pictures of feet and bellies.

Are there any personality traits that you, your children or anyone you knew as a kid had for a very long time? Please share!

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I would guess a lot. I thought that our personalities were pretty much formed by the time we are 6 years old.

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My son’s earliest personality trait was intensity, the power of observation and empathy. The intensity and observation was clear on the day he was born; after he stopped screaming with his whole body, he frowned and, intensely, watched everyone around him. He still has the exact same expression when he wants to be quiet and observant. The empathy showed up when he was just 18 months old—I was on my knees with the flu and puking in a toilet. I felt a hand patting and rubbing my back; I thought it was my mom, but looked around and was eye-level with my son. He had the most intensely empathetic expression and I was seriously taken aback, but that’s who he is. Now that I think about it, he also never wanted to be alone, since he was months old and still is this way.

My daughter ‘scooted’ across the hospital bassinet when she was a few hours old and never stayed in one place in her crib. She also hollered bloody murder when she was swaddled and hated the carrying sling I tried to put her in when she was days old. She still goes berserk when she feels confined and is still extremely restless. She also started to be really picky about her clothes before she was 1 year old and insisted on her own combination of clothes, and still will wear exactly what she wants in the exact combination she likes- society be damned. Last, she also has a little Miss Destructo streak- she destroys things to build or make new things. I have “art projects” made from “found objects” (translation, things of mine she took apart and “found”).

I do believe we all are born with some deep fundamental personality trait. How the trait manifests comes from how we grow up.

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My daughter has always been the loveliest person to be around. So easy to be with. She would lie in her cot and coo when she woke up. She rarely cried and was just such a peaceful, happy child. She is like that as an adult now.

My other daughter was feisty from day one and I don’t think she sleeps through yet. She is still the same now.

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Yep, I’m still a temperamental brat feisty lady

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I still love to create art and have been playing with paints,pencils and paper since before I could walk.:)

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Music is a passion that has been pumped through my veins since I was born when I sat in my dads lap as he played the Entertainer on piano. Both my boys are outstanding musicians and we jam almost every night!

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My older son was intense and changeable from the second week of his life; my younger son was outwardly calm and could amuse himself. Now at 28 and 30, they are exactly the same people only more grown up.

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I still stamp my feet & pull a pet lip if I don’t get my way….only sometimes.

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Independence—fierce independence. Interesting in a young child, intolerable during the adolescent and teen years, glorious to see in adulthood.

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My daughter has 2 traits she has had from when she was in diapers.
She has always been considerate of other peoples feelings. She would bend the laws of nature to make sure you felt better about yourself.
She is the most stubborn person I ever met. My Mom and my Wife were both incredibly stubborn, but they got nothing on this girl.

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My middle son was born mischievous and precocious. When he was two and the doctor asked “what do you do with a cup” his answer was
“you overflow it!” His mind still
works that way I am sure it always will. My oldest son was intensely interested in books by the time he was a couple of months old. Left to his own devices now he would spend all of his time with his nose in a book. The youngest came screaming into the world and still hasn’t stopped.

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I’ve always been intelligent! I don’t mean to boast, but when I was young, my favourite reading materials were the Charlie Brown Encyclopedias. I know that it was probably a mixture of the funny Peanuts cartoon strips as well as my love of knowledge that so thoroughly engaged my younger self. It is also I trait that I hope to see in my future children. I think that the pursuit of knowledge is one of the greatest traits a person can have.

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My middle daughter was a CRYER as a baby. In fact, after she was born and I was still in the hospital I went to the maternity ward to see her and the nurses cried, “NO! Please! We just got her to sleep! She’s a wild one!” Man…life has been a trip with that one! As she grew she continued to be impulsive and over-reacting. But we’re doing OK now.

When my baby, my son, was born, I freaked out because he was sleeping 10, 18 hours a day! My husband said, “Well, it’s OK. Some babies do that!” (We have it on video!) And as he grew he continued to be level, calm, not easily excited.

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Definitely some bits we saw in infancy have carried through their childhood…Not that I would’ve realized it until reflecting on it just now…

Flash back to 3mo. old, our middle daughter wouldn’t let her grandparents hold her – only wanted to be held by mom or dad, screamed otherwise. To take pictures with them holding her we had to get her to sleep and carefully lay her on the grandparents’ lap without waking her up. (Extreme separation anxiety as an infant). She’s 10 now and VERY shy..and sometimes a bit anxious. She is quite the homebody—loves nothing as much as hanging out at home with mom & dad.

Our youngest son however once toddled away (at about 11mo. old) and snuggled up to a complete stranger (a man, actually, a young father with a similarly aged toddler son luckily, sitting near us in a grassy area near us at a fair). He is still just as extroverted and gregarious now at age 7.

Our oldest always had sort of a serious expression on her face – and you’d never know underneath she has this wicked (and often wacky) sense of humor. It’s no different now at age nearly 14 than it was at age 14 months. Her very serious expression can all the sudden go wildly funny when she pulls a stunt, breaks into song or tells a funny story.
She’s also always been very cautious. She wouldn’t try new things at the playground without being sure of her safety…wouldn’t climb too high, or jump off the swings. That’s unchanged. She didn’t learn to ride a bike until age 11 or 12.. too scared. And now she tells us she has no desire how to learn to drive when she turns 16 – too scared. She’ll do it when she’s good & ready ready..and it might not be till her twenties knowing her.

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I still ask a shit load of questions.

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Why why why WHY @MilkyWay?

@geeky_mama Now you have me thinking of my grandkids. My granddaughter, now 7, is just take-no-prisoners! She’s not afraid of anything or anyone. She’ll walk up to a complete stranger and start a conversation. Most kids are cautious and afraid the first time you introduce them to a swimming pool…Not Boo! She was 18 months old and it was like, “Let me at it!!!”
Her brother, now 6, is just the opposite. Very cautious. Doesn’t like things he doesn’t understand. We took them fishing for to catch their first fish a couple of weeks ago….he was scared of the fish after he caught them! Not Boo.

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I already know what my kids will always be like (they’re 5 and 2 and a half) and I just always sensed their personalities anyway. My oldest is kind and easily hurt and as he’s grown older, he cries easily if he doesn’t get his way. My youngest will make you cry if he doesn’t get his way, he’s unstoppable and has always been so.

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Mischievous, I did things that would freak people out (like crawling/bucking away from my parents when they took off my diaper to change thus getting shit everywhere while laughing my head off, or my disappearing trick that lasted from my terrible 2’s to my fearsome 4’s). I’m still mischievous, of course now it’s no longer me being cute but me being a jerk/ass/douche.

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My daughter is almost 24 and yep, when she is feeling stubborn she gets the EXACT same look she had as a newborn and infant. She sort of squints and purses her lips and has an intense glare, a ” I am in NO mood to be messed with” look. Haha

It is hilarious, I have a picture of her at about 3 days old with the exact same expression.
I had taped a bow to her forehead for a picture.
A WTF look beyond a shadow of a doubt! lol

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Can you scan it and show us, @Coloma>!

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Don’t have that one on my computer, one of my projects to get the old photo albums scanned and downloaded. One of these days

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My quiet intelligence, determination, creativity, curiosity and compassion. Since I was a toddler I loved animals, nature and drawing. All of which has stuck with me.

This one is for @Dutchess_III: Also, I loved all kinds of puzzles ..still do.. I can even make a list of them all!

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Iwas away all day yesterday and couldn’t come back. These are beautiful answers. Thank you!

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@Dutchess_III Because I’m so damn curious.

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