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If you could show one item/object to a caveman in this modern world, what would it be?

Asked by ucme (50031points) July 8th, 2011

I was watching Night at the Museum the other day with my kids & my daughter asked me this very question, she’s inquisitive like that.
For those familiar with the movie, there’s a scene where Stiller gives the cavemen a lighter. Naturally they’re fascinated with the notion of fire, particularly from such an unusual (to them) source. So, with that in mind, what modern day item/object would you reveal that would grab “caveboy’s” attention? Keep it clean….ish & you may of course be as humorous as you wish

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My laptop and logitech speakers pumping out some tribal techno.

EDIT: Maybe a hunting knife (rambo style)

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A Holy Bible to teach them (Ancient people lack some motivating-fantasy). And a gun, so that they could learn to make another for better hunting quality.

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Silly Putty

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@Cruiser seems to be giving us a commentary on his ability to hole out on the greens.

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An airplane.

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An iPhone 4. He’ll be amazed at what you can do with the thing.

“OoOohhh, shiny!”

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@ucme I am a terror on the mini golf too! ;)

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Myself all my awesome non-hairy glory wearing sunglasses.

Ok ...maybe the Chicago Bean with me dancing the jig on top.

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@Plucky That “bean” is awesome, never seen that before.

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@ucme I just recently discovered it ..I like saying it out loud too. Chicagooo Beeean. I would love to see it in person some day.

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Earth from space.

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A monster fatty, lit with Ben Stiller’s lighter.

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Pop Rocks.

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Cheers folks, good stuff.
The answer I gave my daughter was a sharp razor, smarten up the blokes.

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A firecracker.

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Caveman…BIG BIG screen TV. Cavewoman—computer.

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A Hulahoop.

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An empty 6 oz. glass coke bottle.

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A stone with a caveman scribed upon it.

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a Nerf gun.

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@gailcalled . . . you’re right. the gods must be crazy.

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@Blondesjon You beat me to it.

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GREAT movie @Blondesjon!! The second one was even better!!!

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@Blondesjon: Olet tulessa tänään

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Pre-packed steaks.
A baseball bat.

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How about we start with a simple wheel, then work our way to boarding an Airbus A380.

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A large pepperoni pizza.

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Hot sauce.

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A picture of Megan Fox half naked.

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