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Do i get chronic headaches?

Asked by dannymoore (1points) April 29th, 2008

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I stopped eating meat over a week ago, until then I ate it every second day or so. Anyhow, since I cut it out, red meat and poultry, everyday I get a terrible headache that won’t quit. Could this be a side effect of no meat in my diet? If so, I still won’t go back to meat… I just want to know…

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What are you eating for protein to replace what you have given up? And were you eating giant amts of meat and poultry?

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I’ve never heard of any addictive components of meat (unlike caffeine/giving up coffee and soft drinks). Did you change anything else about your diet?

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I didn’t change anything else… maybe starting eating more fruit during the day. But even then I wasn’t a huge meat eater. Maybe a steak once a week and a burger once a week. Lots of pizza though, pepperoni was my biggest meat intake!

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Danny. First, I suggest you should go see your physician for a full evaluation, since no one here can give you a definitive answer. However, there are a few clues to your condition. Based on your screen name, I’m going to assume you are a man. Then, I would ask if you drink alcohol and smoke, and also if any treatments are helping (i.e. tylenol). The most common “simple” causes of recurrent headaches are tension headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches. Migraines can be triggered by a variety of factors, but I’ve never heard of withdrawal from meat as a trigger. However, what could be happening is that you are experiencing a cluster headache pattern that is coincident with your withdrawal from meat. Cluster headaches tend to occur in men in their 20s-40s who are smokers, and can also be triggered by alcohol. All 3 forms of headache are treated differently, and so I would go back to my original point which is to get a formal evaluation.

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I think you should answer the first part of gailcalled’s question in response to your question…“What are you eating for protein to replace what you have given up? ” I bet it has something to do with the lack of protein in your diet.

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