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How productive have you been this summer?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) July 8th, 2011

I asked this question a little while back. To those of you who answered, are you actually achieving your goals?

To those of you who didn’t answer, how’s your summer going? Are you accomplishing anything?

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My garden has been growing! Like crazy!

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I accomplished finishing my first batch of GCSE exams (yes I’m a youngling).
I don’t believe youngling is a word.

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I found a summer job and moved to China! lol

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@Schroedes13 That’s a lot to accomplish, how are you liking China?

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My goals from your previous question were:

1. Get buff.
2. Make money.
3. Play more guitar.
4. Make more money.

I guess I’ve made quite a bit of progress. I’ve been working out like a fiend and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since I quit playing soccer years ago. I’m strong as hell now too. I’ve made a bit of money, but I’ve also spent a lot too, so I need to learn better saving skills, I reckon. I’m currently playing my guitar and writing new music, which is good.

I guess I just need to work on cutting my spending like I’ve cut my calorie intake.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Quit buying too much guns and ammo!

@incendiary_dan Send some veggies my way?

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@Paul I love it so much! I spent last summer in HK working in an English summer camp. This summer I’m in Nanjing working for an information technology company. I thoroughly enjoy China. It is a wonderful nation full of pretty awesome people.

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@KatetheGreat I’ll make some bean burritos with my depressingly-named “Cherokee Trail of Tears” beans and the Abenaki Red corn for the tortilla. It’ll be a bite of history.

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I must be perfectly honest here. My AC went out during 96 degree weather for about nine days. The heat in my house melted the candles on the tables. My water bill reached to the moon and WalMart has no more fans…..I bought them all. Nine days was waiting for a part for the AC unit. My sweat had sweat and my border collie lived in the bathtub(with water in it). I lost about 6 pounds and I wore a sweat band on my head. Sleeping was out of the question. I lived in my car for a loooooooong time.

Because of this, my energy level has hit rock bottom. Before the summer is over, I promise I will trim the hedges, at least once….okay?

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@incendiary_dan That sounds like a pretty fabulous burrito.

@john65pennington I would have died!

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@KatetheGreat haven’t bought a whole lot of either since January. :-(

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@john65pennington I’ve had huge success warding off the heat by wetting bandanas or cotton scarves in cold cold water and wrapping them on my head and neck.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You poor thing. Sounds like you need a sugar mama.

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Really productive, but that doesn’t mean my summer has been fun. If anything it’s been more stressful than school.

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Very much. My grandkids are growing/improving every day, the geraniums I planted are doing well, the side yard is staying relatively free of weeds, my freezer and pantry are well stocked, I made fresh bread twice a week or more, and I haven’t overspent my budget.

Oops, I forgot the trips to San Francisco in June that cost nearly $400, but half of that was a very expensive restaurant, The Rain forest Cafe

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<<Blushing>> I must have slept through your earlier question but a month later my garden is rocking beyond my expectations which was easy since I had none not knowing what this new home had going for itl Great weather and “birds” galore have made my summer so far one to smile about!! GQ!! ;)

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I have slept in a great deal.

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Well, I passed my exams. Nearing my goal, God knows when. For now, just paying rent.

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Very productive considering my flluther addiction.

I am getting heaps achieved at work.
My new wooden floor is laid.
The house is looking great.
Have spent lots of time with my kids and husband.
Haven’t got back into bike riding though… that’s a big fail.
Haven’t done my photography course.
Haven’t got into my own creative writing.

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@Bellatrix Well, the stuff you did get done is great. I’m sure you’ll get the other stuff.

Right? ’‘threatens you with a shaking fist’’ :D

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lol Ty @Symbeline. Just don’t gnash those teeth at me :-)

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I’ve been dreadfully unproductive this summer, but I’ve had fun being unproductive, so this summer’s been cool. I had intentions on actually doing something to further prepare myself and blah blah blah. In the end I just said “fuck it, I’m sixteen,” and lo and behold, I’m practically nocturnal, reading Hesse, writing when I feel the inspiration, and casually working on my summer assignments.

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Oh, I’ve done absolutely nothing of note this summer except for being outrageously happy. I’ve become one of those people I want to murder during the winter months for disturbing my gloom with their chipper chattiness.

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@john65pennington How I feel your pain. I know we’ve discussed this recently how I don’t have air conditioning in our home (only in the master bedroom). We’ve been pretty lucky the past week, but I noticed our temps are going to reach the upper 90s by the end of next week and last for at least a week. We don’t have the $260 to buy a unit that would cool the remainder of the house, and Rent A Center is out of units at the moment. I’m hoping they get one in soon or I may end up getting a two week suspension for taking it out on all of you. Good to have you back. ;)

Well, my husband started a new job and is working 3rd shift. I’ve been very productive keeping the kids and dogs quiet for him while he sleeps during the day. I’ve spent most of my days in the pool with my daughter and pulling the weeds in my garden.

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If my final goes well (and it shall) I will be getting an A in my calculus class. It’s the first class I’ve taken in many months, so I’m pleased to have done that.

I have gotten my insides mostly rearranged like I said in your earlier question, but my final surgery has been pushed back to the end of August now, so life will continue to move in slow motion for a while more for me.

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