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Did Judge Belvin Perry conduct a good trial in the Caylee Anthony Case?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) July 8th, 2011

I watched this trial of Casey Anthony for more days than I care to remember. I could not help but notice that Judge Belvin Perry, conducted his court and all the proceedings, by the book. He had full control of his court and the attorneys. Not so in the O. J. Simpson trial. Question: what rating would you give Judge Belvin Perry for the handling of his courtroom and this trial? A-B-C? A is outstanding.

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I didn’t get to watch much of it, but from what I did get to see, he seemed to have total control of his courtroom and didn’t seem to be in it for the publicity, unlike the judge in the OJ Simpson trial

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Agreed, Perry gets an A.

I don’t watch TV and I did not follow the case much but when I read that he threw a guy in jail for giving the prosecutor the finger I was pleased.

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Yes…best trial judge I have seen in ages. IMO the Prosecutors and DA’s need to visit the wood shed.

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A. He was terrific. He carefully weighed all of the issues and came up with reasoned, opinion-supported responses for each of his decisions.

I loved it when he sentenced the waiter who flipped off the prosecutor to six days in jail.

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