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Are there any silent vacuum cleaners?

Asked by AshlynM (10684points) July 8th, 2011

If it’s cordless as well, that’s a plus.

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I have Miele, they are German made and very quiet, lightweight. Not cordless.
I really like mine though. It is easy to handle, and is great on floors as well as carpet.

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Silent? As in no sound at all?
I’m gonna have to go with ‘No” on this one.

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A central vacuum system is quiet. The motor is located in the basement and the exhaust is vented outside. A port with a flapper door is located on the wall in every room. When you open the port to plug in the hose, it turns on the unit. You only have to haul around a length of hose..
An old coworker used to have one of these and raved about it.

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I heard the Roomba is quite a lot quieter than other kinds of vacuums – not sure if they’re completely silent though.

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My cleaner comes when I’m at work, so I never hear the vacuum :-/
Yeah shes cordless too ;-)

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Well, they don’t have to be completely silent, but quiet. I don’t really like the super loud noise they create.

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Dyson DC24, light & easy to use.. so I’m told… it’s the one my cleaner said to buy, aka the animal :-/
Purrrrrrrrrrfect for pet hair, I have two cats…........

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I believe there are.

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