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What should happen and what is likely to happen [see details]?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) July 9th, 2011

Beth loves Albert and is all into him. They date and flirt but he only likes her more as friends and bunk buddies. She wants to have a long-term relationship. No matter what Beth try she cannot win his heart. He has eyes for Kimiko, which burns Beth up. Though Beth doesn’t care to be a mother she know Albert wants to be a dad, just not yet. She believes if she can produce a child for Albert his heart would soften for her. She also knows Albert always ”glove up” before they have sex. She goes over to his house with hard liquor because she knows Albert gets drunk easy and she takes some meth because Albert is recovering but boinks like a stallion when he has it in his system. After Albert is well on his way to being smashed she slips him the meth, and when he is three sheets to the wind, yanks off his pants and underwear, uses her oral skills to get him ready and mounts him, no protection. After he deposits a load she deftly gets his underwear back on and leaves. He knows she was over but vaguely recalls the sex. When he ask her about it and if a condom was used she told him that she tried but he didn’t rise. She drops the bomb on him five weeks later to say she is pregnant and that he is the father, thinking he would be overjoyed; he isn’t. He breaks with Beth and she is devastated. She is going to get rid of the baby and Albert is fine with that. Beth then hears Albert is growing closer to Kimiko and decides she will have the baby thinking it would get in the way of him getting with Kimiko, either because she will know he had a kid by another or being saddle with child support.

What should happen for Albert to move on with his life without Beth, and what is most likely to happen? Can Albert salvage anything positive from the situation?

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Where do you come up with this stuff?!

What is most likely to happen? Beth takes Albert to court for child support and becomes a steady fixture in his life for the next 18–22 years.
Albert learns that drugs are bad, mmk.

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What should happen? She should be charged with date rape.
What might happen? He might end up paying support for the next 18 years.
What would definitely happen? Three attorneys will be smiling all the way to the bank.

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She raped him and he will have to pay for it.

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Depends on who judges this [ not court ] .
There can be a lot of ways for this to end up… I want to think it will be something good for both .

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Yes…Albert can distance himself as far as he can from such a selfish manipulating predatory woman like Beth! Run Albert Run!

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That’s why you shouldn’t have sex with someone you can’t see having in your life for the next 18–25 years. With or without protection.

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Beth should go to prison.

The innocent child (which she will surely ruin) should be taken away from her.

Albert is likely to be saddled with a child he does not want and paying child support. Nothing is likely to happen to Beth except that she will end up alone with her manipulations, because even her child will wise up and leave her.

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What we have here is three idiots who don’t know their own minds. Albert is an idiot for allowing himself to be manipulated, AND for taking drugs. Beth is an idiot for trying to manipulate Albert AND for taking a dangerous substance and giving same to Albert. And Kimiko is an idiot for even hanging around with Albert! They all need to be mind-wiped and dropped in the salt mines.

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That kid is going to grow up so screwed up that he or she is likely to perpetuate the madness down the family line. As for the adults, that’s their own business, although I feel the most sorry for Kimiko, not Albert. Everyone needs to grow the F up.

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Did you recently find out you’re going to be a father, @Hypocrisy_Central ?

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Kudos, @laureth. I wondered when someone would think of the baby, other than as a financial drain to Albert.

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She is having a baby only to be used as a pawn to either stick Albert for child support, or get his attention or break him and his lady friend up. She is a horrible human being. It makes me sick that people like her can have babies, when people that really want one to create a family with can’t conceive or lose a child in childbirth. What should happen is that she should be charged with rape, and the child should be taken away. She sounds like such a loser though, that I can’t imagine she will want to keep the baby in nine months. Let’s hope she just gives the baby up for adoption.

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Sounds like there is a certain amount of mental illness, and stupidity, and possibly addiction among these three people.

Albert drinking too much was at his own hand, but “slipping” him meth, not sure how meth is done, does slipping mean he was unaware he was taking it? If so I figure there is some sort of law against drugging someone without their awareness. No matter what she took advantage of him at minimum. I don’t think she would ever be charged with rape (meaning I don’t think it would actually be prosecuted) but there certainly is an argument for it. If the baby never happened, I doubt Albert would be upset he had sex that night. They had a history of having sex and I don’t think he woke horrified at what happened.

Albert is now forever linked to Beth because of the baby, unless he gets lucky and she miscarries (I don’t understand why pregnancies never miscarry in these situations) at minimum linked at the wallet.

The baby has a lot working against it and has a good chance of being a dysfunctional part of our society like the parents.

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Interesting observations.

Say he attempts to file charges, if for being drugged unknowingly if sexual assault or rape could not be proven, where I would not see how their FWB history would nullify any crime, it is was her saying he did it I don’t think it would save him, and it sticks and she does time. If he figures “Did not care to be a dad now, but I am going to be one now”, and waits to see if a child is born, if he wanted to get custody of the child, could he get it complete or have to share with her?

If she gets convicted of doping him unknowingly and ruining his sobriety can he sue her for that?

Should she get convicted and lose the child should Albert step up and save his kid from the system to at least pull a positive out of the fiasco even if Komiko stuck around to help him or not?

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Re: “Should she get convicted and lose the child should Albert step up and save his kid from the system to at least pull a positive out of the fiasco even if Komiko stuck around to help him or not?”

You say Albert wants to be a dad. At that point, Albert needs to make a decision over who is more important to him: his flesh-and-blood kid, or his girlfriend.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Does the meth stay in the system so he can get a blood test? Otherwise it is he said she said, isn’t it? The past history matters because you can probably make an argument along the lines of this: my husband and I decide to party a little and we have sex. I never say, “no honey I don’t want to,” but I am really in no state to consent. But, we have a sexual relationship ongoing, why would he think he can’t have sex with me if I am pretty much going along? With a person I did not have a sexual relationship with, I think it is very different. I mean, my husband basically touches my body like he is touching his own. There is an automatic permission unless I stop him.

The malice is in her plotting and planning the whole thing, but how the hell do you prove that in this case? I think it would be hard. It would be up to the state to bring criminal charges, not him, and I think the DA wold worry they cannot win, lack of evidence, or some other reason. It sucks, I am not saying it is right or fair, I am just looking at it from what I think the legal perspective would be.

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Since she seems very calculating, and is now preggers, I would be concerned that, with the sudden change in hormones, Beth goes psycho-bitch on him.
That is far more likely than her deciding to take him to court for child support or other rational acts.

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