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At which sites can you get a profile nowadays?

Asked by Vincentt (8064points) July 9th, 2011

I’ve whipped up a quick website to aggregate all my profile information from the different websites I have a profile at, but I can only come up with very few, even though I’ve made accounts at most any site I come across. Which popular or less popular sites am I forgetting?

Sites I’ve thought of up till now:, ICheckMovies, Goodreads, 23hq, Google Reader, Twitter. Note that I only use one site per type of service, e.g. I explicitly did not include Flickr because 23hq I use 23hq for photo sharing.

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Maybe you can use this site, namechk.
First to see a lot of possible sites you are thinking of and secondly to check whether you have an account on one or more of them.

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@rebbel Great idea, thank you!

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@Vincentt You are welcome!

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@rebbel that’s great!
Still there are more. I looked on that site to see if I could find LibraryThing, where you catalogue your library by finding the actual card catalogue info and you can see what books are in what major libraries and are in each others collections and trade reviews and stuff.
Or Panoramio, an early “where in the world are you” photo thing before google started doing it, or Pandora music . . . or fluther . . .fluther was not on there

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OK, the website’s ready. If anyone wants to create a similar website, I’ve released it as an open source project.

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