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[Women who like sports] Which sports are you into & which do you paticipate in?

Asked by ucme (46641points) July 9th, 2011

I’m watching England’s women play in the football world cup, it’s a quarter final against France. This is the sole reason that inspired me to ask this question. My daughter plays football for the school, she’s a goalkeeper. Just interested that’s all, answer if you wish….thanks.

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I will kick yo ass. :)

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@lucillelucillelucille I’d very much look forward to that, after the round of course.
Business before pleasure…! XD

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Not sure if only women are supposed to answer, but here goes anyway.
I really start(ed) to like womens football these last couple of years.
Some ten, fifteen years ago it was rather slow and soft (as compared to the mens) but i ooh and aah while watching todays girls playing as enthusiastically as i do with the guys.
Martha rocks!

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@rebbel (Mrs) Yeah, was meant for the ladies, Whatever, it’s done now.
Women’s football has come a long way in a short time. Loads of skill on display, although the goalkeeping could improve…...except for my daughter who is awesome in goal I have to say.

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Quick score flash England 1 France 0….....yay!!

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@ucme Yeah, now that I let the wording of the question enter my brain it is pretty clear.
I will pay attention to the future England womens football team to see whether a Miss ucme guards the goal!

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Thanks for that bud, i’m sure she’d do a good job.

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I love football and usually play defender, although I can play other positions as well.
I also enjoy playing tennis and badminton at school.

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My sport of choice these days is extreme hot tubbing with wine. lol

BUT..I was an avid trail rider, horsewoman, water skier, bicyclist and white water river rafter for years. I do not participate in any sports that involve balls. Including men these last few years. haha

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England’s women lose in a penalty shoot out…..sounds familiar. A valiant effort though.

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Soccer, volleyball, and softball.

I actively participate in all three of them throughout the year.

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Footy (left forward in high school). I’m looking for a co-ed team now. I also used to play field hockey.

I like watching ten-pin bowling, golf and tennis, but I don’t play any of those very well.

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I love to watch ice hockey. It has been my favorite since I was about seven years old. My husband is trying to get me to enjoy watching American football, but it just doesn’t engross me. I’ll watch, but can just as easily walk away from it.

I don’t play anything any more. I learned how to golf in junior high, but I kind of suck at it. I played on the golf team my senior year of high school. I was “most improved player,” but the truth of it is that I was that bad to start with that no one could have improved more! I played intramural softball in college. I played a decent third base, but can’t hit for beans. i liked playing floor hockey in gym, but otherwise, gym class really stank.

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I have played just about every sport there is. I love competition. I have played organized women’s soccer, basketball, volleyball, wallyball, tennis, golf, baseball, softball. Hmmmmm, I am sure there are others but I can’t remember them at the moment.

Some of them I didn’t start playing until I was in my 40’s. There were not many organized sports for girls as I grew up and girls were not allowed to play with the boys, too fragile. We can endure the physicality of child bearing, but baseball with the boys might have been too much for us.

Too bad, I know I would have been a pro at something!!! My youngest great neice has a black belt in some martial art, plays volleyball and field hockey. I love that girls now have the opportunity to participate and compete. Tell your daughter to go go go!

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