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What are you afraid of?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) April 29th, 2008

As for me, I am afraid of getting an illness that will turn me into a vegetable and not be able to use any of my limbs. I will definitely lose control of my life and depend entirely on somebody else’s actions and decisions.

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Neuropathic pain.

People I love dying.

Accidentally killing a child/bicyclist/motorcyclist with my car.

Being wrong about everything.

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@niki Do you know somebody going thru neuropathic pain that you mentioned it?

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Losing control of my mind.
Alzheimer’s disease.
My past.
My house burning down while I’m on business trips.
Takeoff and landing (sometimes).
Not being smart enough.

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@edmartin101: No, I learned about it in a neurobiology class and have been scared of it ever since!

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Loss of abilities, overlooked potential and missed opportunities.

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I’m really afraid bugs, especially cockroaches.

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Mccain getting elected.

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Needles, always have, always will.

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Spam. I’m afraid of Spam.

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The food-like-substance or the emails?

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Growing old and being a burden to someone.

Clowns, they’re just creepy!

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Clowns are scary… are icecream vans for some reason, the music just creeps me out.

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Snakes. We recently had a team building exercise at work that was based on Fear Factor. Bascially there were 5 containers with coins inside that we had to retrieve. The containers were covered and we were blindfolded but we new the containers had rats, snakes spiders etc. Me being brave went first and I knew when I put my hand in I could feel the cold body of a snake. The handler then whispered in my ear ” Be very careful and move slowly”, this freaked me out even more and luckily time ran out. I saw video footage later that night that showed my hand moving aroud the container with about 10 snakes in it and one mean snake raising his head and moving very nastily up my hand. So much for me being brave.To make matters worse one of the girls went after me, picked the snakes, reached in with one hand, lifted up the snakes and took the coin out with the other hand….

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Snakes are SO CUTE!
Trust me, they won’t hurt you. They were probably just corn snakes. They’re actually really sweet.

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spiders I can’t stand them theyre so creepy

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@johnny: is that for real? Thank god I don’t have a real job. Jeez.

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I’m afraid of fear itself

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Snakes!!!!! My husband loves them. I am horribly afraid of them.

He had a python named Kaa when we first got married. Kaa lived in the outdoor shed in his aquarium. He was not allowed in the house or even on the patio. Once my husband had surgery, and Kaa became hungry. My husband sent me to the store to buy a rat. I took a box that locked and put it in the trunk. I hate rats too, but that’s another story. I hated the snake, but I did not want him to be hungry. I walked into the petstore and told the sales clerk I needed a rat..a really big one. I did not want to see the rat. The guy put the rat in the lockbox and into my trunk. When I got home my husband got the rat and went outside to feed the snake. Well… The rat must have been pretty tough. It killed the snake. My husband was shocked and sad. He never did buy another one. He catches them at work and plays with them. My fear did not affect my daughter. She loves them too. They think I am so funny because I am so afraid!

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I think I know why an entire generation fears clowns.

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I think Robmandu nailed it. This song still sends shivers whenever I hear it, although I can’t remember if I was creeped out by this song before seeing that movie.

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I’m afraid my husband will die and I will go crazy with grief.

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Worms!!! Ick! Yuck!! Yikes!!!

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i scared of growing old and running out of fun. im scared of photographs of mom and dad when they were young. im scared of living my life waiting for a day that may never come. Im scared of madmen with bombs who think there god.

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I’m not really afraid of death, but I am afraid of death by burning.
Big spiders.
Birds that dive bomb you while you’re walking along minding your own business.

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@robmandu wow!! there is a whole Obama movement huh!! Certainly not a messiah

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I’m afraid I will have to get back to you on this one.

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Small spaces, or being suffocated

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Clowns, crippling fear, and good liars

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I am afraid of crossing the street. It’s called agyrophobia. I know it’s childish, but I have difficulty getting myself to cross the street even when there are no cars at all… I try to avoid crossing the street whenever it’s possible, but when I am forced to cross, I get extremely anxious and sometimes start to panic and I run as fast as I can to get to the other side

I’m also slightly claustrophobic and I’m afraid of falling short of people’s expectations of me, even if they have none.

I’m sure I have more fears, but these are the main ones…

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