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How are 'Questions for You' determined?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) April 29th, 2008

I’ve been trying to find the pattern of which questions come up as a ‘Questions for (Me)You’, but I don’t see it…...can someone enlighten me on this one?

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From what I can tell, there is some sort of basic algorithm that looks at the tags and content of questions you’ve answered.

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it’s a bit hit-and-miss…

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Yes, some are on-point and other are whack-a-doodle. Still, the best place to look is “activity you’re following.” Tak.

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Good point, I’ve been trying to recognise tags…..with little success, but I could always go through the ones I’ve answered.

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See this question about the matching algorithm, answered three months ago. It works basically the same way now as it did then.

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Thanks, didn’t find that one. Guess I wasn’t searching broad enough.

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