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Will iPhone ever have a visualizer like on iTunes?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) April 29th, 2008

I enjoy watching it on my laptop while listening to music… just wondering what fellow Flutherites think. I’ve suggested it to Apple. dunno if it’s even possible.

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If it was possible, I don’t think I’d use it. Unnecessary use of battery.

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The visualizer is a resource hog. We used to use it to test machine we thought were beginning to fail, as it would quickly max out available CPU cycles.

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I love to watch it too! That would be great!!!

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@ Babo ~ sadly, soundedfury’s response sounds right and has obliterated my hopes.

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the itunes visualizer is beautiful. if it was on my iphone, I dont think I would ever do anything.

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I love the iTunes Visualizer, but I don’t believe it’ll ever come out for the iPhone, or any of the iPods. Unless we get an iPod or iPhone that can play video for 300 hours, haha! It would kill the battery. But who’s to know. iPhone stocks running dry over a month before WWDC? Apple nowhere near halfway to their 10 million goal, and almost half their time on the time limit they set for it is almost gone, so something huge has got to be in store for the iPhone. In all honesty, I don’t know how they can beat the product. iPhone 2.0 could beat it easily, but the product itself is incredible. Apple has something we want, but we don’t even know what it is yet…

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yes it will i am currently working on one hoping for release in time for 3.0 os so keep an eye out. I terms of being more technical it hasn’t been possible until 3.0 because developers haven’t had access to music files

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@taylordevstudio ~ please post to this thread once your app is available!!

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Spawn Illuminati does visualization through the mic. Unfortunately it’s impossible to pick up music that’s currently playing.

Here’s a demo of some new features for 2.5 (currently awaiting approval)

iTunes link:


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My new app, The Well, includes a visualizer! I think its the first on the iphone platform. Additionally, The Well is an addictive casual music game that lets you play with ANY audio track on your iphone or ipod touch!

On sale March 27th on the App Store for only 99 cents till April 1!

see more info here:

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