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Can anyone recommend vitamins/nutrients for memory?

Asked by NOWserenity (43points) July 9th, 2011

I’m looking for something to boost my memory/cognitive skills. I take a number of medicines for bipolar, and one of them is new to the cocktail: razadyne. That’s supposed to help with the memory functions that are being compromised by some of the other meds I take, but I’d like to augment it with some supplements. What’s worked for you?

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B12 and B6

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I take something to help my memory, but I don’t remember what it’s called.

see, that’s a joke. It’s Ginkgo Biloba

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@filmfann – yeah, I was trying to incorporate some humorous quip to add to my question, but I forgot to!

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I should also mention, I have some fish-oil laying around, but it was kind of harsh on my stomach.

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@Season_of_Fall – I’ll try the B-vitamins. I’ve heard they’re good for depression, too…

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I’ve always heard Ginkgo Biloba was good for memory.

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I did the vitamin thing for a while. I found however that the best thing to boost memory, is a good nights rest every night, a good breakfast (protiens and fruits) and exercise.
Sometimes its not what your not eating but actually what you are eating that can make you tired. Stay away from too many starches. They can make you sluggish and your mind foggy.
And be sure to stay well hydrated.
I find that going outside and getting in some good deep breaths in the morning can wake up your mind. So can some morning stretches.

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I heard ginseng is good for memory.

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Anything with a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids. I recommend fish oil.

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Amino Acids – talk to your doctor about it before starting though.

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Vitamin B and C.

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