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If you won a million dollars in the lottery, would you share with your co-workers?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) July 9th, 2011

Not talking about a large amount of money, maybe just $20–30 dollars each. Arrive at your workplace and hand out money to your friends. I guess this depends on how many co-workers are your friends. Right? Question: would the thought of you giving out $20 dollar bills to your coworkers cross your mind, if you won a million dollars?

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I think that small amount might annoy them. If I won a large amount of money I would give my co-workers a few hundred dollars.

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Chyna, suppose you had 1,200 co-workers. This would be a lot of money.

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“A million” as in one million. That doesn’t go that far these days. What @chyna said, plus you don’t to start something you won’t continue.

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True, but I only have eight.

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I might take everyone out to breakfast.

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Ya, your up to 24,000 there. @filmfann, wouldn’t that be about the same amount these days, lol.

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“Hand out money?” The concept sounds… condescending and demeaning. It’s not as if my co-workers are beggars in the street.

I’m with @filmfann: I might throw a party or take them to lunch or something. But I probably wouldn’t even mention that I had won, if you want the honest truth. I think I could keep that secret. And I would surely want to keep my job, or something like it.

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A million, probably not. When I worked in retail I did feel very close to my staff, and maybe I would have done some sort of extra treat, order in pizza, or a really nice gift at christmas. It’s tough because when I worked there I worked in many departments over the years, so I knew a lot of people. A million isn’t that much money to be giving it away. More recently I did real estate and had a partner who became a close friend. I would probably spend $100—$200 maybe on something we could do together my treat. But, I might do that anyway.

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No, I wouldn’t see any reason to. I agree with @JLeslie, a million dollars can be used more quickly than you would think.

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I like @JLeslie‘s answer. If a coworker of mine had won a million, I would be delighted to accept her invitation to a celebratory group lunch. But if she came around and offered me $20 or even $100, I believe I’d think, “What? What’s this for? Is she tipping me? or does she think this will improve our relationship somehow?” and I’d say, “No, thanks, you keep it.”

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I should add that I would not tell anyone at work I won if I could keep it a secret. So I would be loath to do anything very out of the ordinary.

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Yes, those co-workers that are friends of mine, I’ll probably give 1000 dollar giftcards or a special gift if I happen to know what they like and as long as they only number around 30 or so.

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Nope. Piss on em.

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If I won a million dollars, I would not have those co-workers any longer. I would phone my notice in.

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Probably not but only because I wouldn’t broadcast that I had won that sort of money. If I knew one (or more) of them was having a hard time financially and I could anonymously help out in some way, I would, but only if my identity could remain hidden.

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Maybe give the cashier who sold me the ticket a surprise $100?

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That’s a nice idea @JLeslie.

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They could kiss my ass lol. Friends and family? You bet. (more than just 20 bucks though) Random people I work with? Win your own lottery haha.

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Maybe not co-workers, but there are a few people I would share with…and probably more than $20 or $30…

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Most of my friends are in pretty good, if not very good financial shape, so I’d splurge on a week long trip or something along those lines. I’d definitely give my daughter a 100k or so to help her get into a house and have a nest egg.

If I won 20, 30 or more million I’d be extremely generous. That would be half the fun!
Giving, helping, charities.

I can’t imagine spending that much. I don’t want 5 houses, or 5 cars. I’d travel more, but other than that…I’d just be living pretty much as I am.

I think our Ca. Mega Millions was up to 55 million or something last week. Completely obscene amount of money.

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One of my colleaugues and I have a deal that we will help each other out if we win the lottery. We are obviously very good friends as well but both of our job situations is not ideal. She’s the only one I am really concerned about. The large majority of my colleagues haven’t treated me well enough for me to be concerned about them.

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I’m with @filmfann here. Taking your co-workers out for a meal seems a more gracious act than handing out twenty dollar bills.

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A million is not that much. Somebody who works for the same agency I work for won a million (over 20 years) and after taxes it comes out to only about $30,000 a year. That’s enough to put a down payment on a house or pay off some stuff or take some nice trips with money to spare, but not enough to quit your job on. So, I would not give my coworkers money, besides, I heard when lottery winners win, everybody comes out of the woodwork to borrow. Not only relatives and friends, but strangers and charities are all begging.

The second question is “if my coworkers won a million dollars in a lottery, do I think they would hand me money?” Hell no. So why should I hand them money?

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Probably not

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1: I don’t play lottery
2: If I did it would be in £‘s
3: They wouldn’t see a bloody penny of it

Because as you can see, I can be that pedantic ;¬}

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If it’s the co-workers at the wilderness school, I’d end up buying land and building a communal ecovillage, so in a sense, yes.

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@SABOTEUR That’s why my momma named me Dan. Rhymes with man. Because I am the man. I’m also fairly silly. Again, my mom’s fault.

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Ok for the Dan part, but how about that incendiary part? When you joined here, I thought it meant that you wanted to start arguments and flame people.

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@Jeruba That’s an old nickname, which I was given for something similar to that. In college, if I was in a certain group of people, I’d end up starting arguments whether or not I was actually belligerent. They were very dramatic, pretentious, and flaky people with a lot of ego issues, who I stopped associating with fairly quickly (but not quickly enough). hobbitsubculture started calling me Incendiary Dan, and it stuck.

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