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Where can I easily watch Breaking Bad online?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) July 9th, 2011

Some friends just got me stoked about watching this show (so stoked that I left the bar at 9:30 to come home!). But it’s not on Netflix instant.

I’m not good with all those bit torrent/having to download lots of stuff sites. Is there any easy solution to this?

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Search the name on

If its a movie go to

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Xfinity online – but you have to have a Comcast account.

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If you can’t find them online, I think they’re replaying last season’s episodes this week and next on AMC. The new season starts Sunday. You can watch the first three seasons on Netflix cds.

It’s an awesome show.

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@XOIIO: I don’t get how to use sites like that that make you go to others ones :( I’ve always had such a hard time with them. Or they’ll let me watch like 35 minutes then make you pay

@YARNLADY: I have comcast, and with the amount I pay, you’d think they’d have everything in the world available online. They don’t have full episodes, and only season 3 on demand

@Megan64: bah, need instant gratification! thanks though :)

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@SamIAm Just search the movie name, click the right one, scroll down and use any putlocker link. Usually the third one, its always free on those ones

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Go to the day after it airs. They have never failed me.

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@Megan64 New season starts Sunday? You have no idea how excited that makes me… Does that mean today?

I know this is easily Googleable, but why not ask?

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Next Sunday… That gives you a week to catch up!

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