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Annoying tune running through my head - how to stop!

Asked by intrepidium (1225points) July 10th, 2011

Someone drove by with their car radio blasting a catchy, jingly song – now I can’t get it out of my head!

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You may never forget that jingly song.

I heard the Beach Boys song Darlin’ three weeks ago and its till bouncing around in my head.

It happens.

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Substitute an equally catchy but more acceptable song by playing it over and over until it drives out the first one.

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The condition, known as “earworms” has been well-addressed by (of all things) Web MD here. The danger (as I discovered) is that they list the top 10 earworms and now “Who Let the Dogs Out” is reverberating around my own brain pan. Check the link at your own risk. It sounds like @marinelife has it right—replace it with another song OR sing the entire song all the way through to the end (cue your brain that it ended).

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Replace it with something better :)

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I actually made up a song that I sing to myself, that successfully removes earworms.
As I sing it, I vary the tones. It is quite effective.

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@Cruiser – oh gawd, you’re cruel! lol
@lucillelucillelucille – that was very interesting (politesse for weird!), hard to fixate on it even if I tried!
@Kayak8 – after clicking on @Cruiser‘s link, I’m too scared to check out yours!
I started vacuuming the house for abt 20 mins & the vibrations and whoooshing sounds seemed to have worked – phew!

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If all else fails :-/
Smack the back of your hand with a Hammer, that should give you something else to think about :-)

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What if the song is Pink Floyd’s Swollen Hand Blues?

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:-/ yeah, good point….
Hit your shin :-)

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That is an amazing composition.

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@ucme How DARE YOU.
That song… Is my pet peeve… Because it’s SO DARNED CATCHY! And I hate it.

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@cruiser.. WTF was that!! UGH!!!! @ucme… cruel. Just cruel.

@Kayak8…earworms! Love it.

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@jellyfish3232 & yes you too @Bellatrix Mwaahh haha!!

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Maybe this will help.

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