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Is Princess Kate Middleton not a prime example of today's woman?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) July 10th, 2011

She rarely wears a hat. She has a smile that makes my toes tingle. She dresses in only the most up to date clothing. She has a winning personality. Question: so how did the Prince become so lucky?

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Don’t know. But she’s too thin and pasty for me.

Seems nice enough though.

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Not in my book she isn’t. IMHO, for any woman to be a prime example of today’s woman, she needs to live a life a good bit closer to mine. That does not include being a model, wearing the most up-to-date clothing or having several people around to help me get things done. I don’t begrudge her any of those things, it’s part of the princess gig.

How do we know she has a winning personality? We get to see her public face. She may well be a great person, I’m just saying we only get to see her public persona.

How did the Prince get so lucky? He saw her at a fashion show, asked her out and it worked. And of course, he’s a prince.

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Tedibear, I agree with your answer, concerning “he’s the prince”. I relate this to a statement my ex-daughter-in-law, made to her friends, when she first spotted my son. She told her friends, “there is the man I am going to marry”. And, she did. Thier marriage only lasted about 3 years.

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He’s a prince. That’ll get you a long way.

Personally I prefer Piper

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He’s a prince.

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Well for one she’s a commoner & her family history hails from up north near my neck of the woods, so for me it’s all plus’s, besides I’m not a woman so I’m not going to go into minute critical details…… she’s a bonny lass & I like her… yes her smile makes my toes tingle too.. I wish her luck in doing a very tough job. Lets hope the press don’t hound her into an early grave…….
Especially with all this talk of being too thin, FFS… :-/

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I think she’s lovely because from what I can tell (granted I’m just making assumptions here and wouldn’t know unless I asked but) she looks genuinely happy to be there doing what she has to do. She is always smiling and saying hello and hand-shaking and never looks like she’s thinking of somewhere she’d rather be. To me, behind the TV screen, she just looks honest, genuine, down to earth and like she loves Wills very very much. I do wonder though, she does look like she has lost a bit of weight from when we first saw her in the media.

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I don’t begrudge her for the job she’s doing, but I think of “today’s woman” as someone who either holds down a full time job or is home being full time mom, or any combo of the two. To me, someone who has almost everything done for them from laundry to cooking to house cleaning to carrying luggage, helping choose clothes, someone shopping for them, or having clothes custom made and being driven door to door – there are just too many real prime examples around us every day, instead of Kate.

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@jca – That’s what I meant! Thank yo for saying it better than I did. :D

@shrubbery & @Scooby – I wondered about her weight for a bit, then remembered that she’s a model. (Or was. Is she going to continue with that career?) That’s a job with a distinct size requirement. I also hope that she doesn’t end up with the eating disorder issues that Diana had. I’d really like to see Kate and WIlliam be happy.

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During the extensive press coverage of the Royal Wedding, I heard she went down two dress sizes for the wedding.

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I honestly don’t think she is a prime example of today’s woman. But if she starts to go the way the late Princess Di did, doing charity work and influencing and inspiring others to do so then she would be a prime example of an ideal woman who is living a relevant productive life in the midst of all the new privileges destiny it seems has given her.

Sorry to burst the bubble of any guy who thinks the prince got so lucky. I don’t think he has since I’m not quite impress with Kate, physically. When it comes to their circle, no one has gotten really lucky when Prince Charles married Diana that day. All you need to do is take a look at their wedding photos.

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Why is she supposed to be? “Today’s woman” can’t be shown through just one person because today’s women live all sorts of lifestyles depending on where they live, how wealthy they are, what they look like, what kind of trauma they’ve experienced, etc. Kate Middleton is only a prime example of Kate Middleton.

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Although she is pretty and has fantastic clothes, she is not a prime example of today’s woman. She can afford beautiful clothes and makeup, she doesn’t work, they take vacations to Africa, and she is way too thin. Todays woman usually has to work at a job or at home, can’t afford really nice clothes, and doesn’t have time to work out and stay on a diet or have someone cook low calorie foods for her.

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Sweet enough. I read an about how she was wearing sheer pantyhose in Canada. Do you think she will bring pantyhose back in fashion?

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@Judi – Maybe she just didn’t feel like shaving her legs? That would make me like her a lot!

@jca – She didn’t have two sizes to go down! Yikes!

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so how did the Prince become so lucky?

He is in line to be King.
He is in line to inherit billions.

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Nah, she married into a bad family.

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Princes are born with all the luck they will ever need. They don’t need any more.

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She’s a bonny lass & I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, but she could do with a bit of meat on dem bones. As for Willy boy, pompous stuck up fuck. Runs in the family don’t you know.

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Well, as an American I think our take of the Royals is pretty frosted with the stuff of fairtales and such. She seems to be a sweet woman, but hell, I wouldn’t want that kind of lifestyle. Marrying a Prince comes with a lot of hidden frogs.
I could never live with that kind of scrutiny.
Of course I am the queen of my own little domain over here. I might just build myself a throne in the woods, Queen of the lizards! lol

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Monarch of the Geese!!

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I thought the hot tub was a throne?

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I’m with @chyna, great and intriguing she may be but not an example of Today’s woman. Today’s woman has stress on her to always be doing something. Why work part time when she can work fulltime? Who care’s about the home, pets and kids who magically raise and take care of themselves. Today’s woman usually doesn’t have time or money for regular workouts, salon visits, shopping trips or charitable hobbies.

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They met at uni, so have known each other for years now, and I believe they split up a few years back for a while (or at least went through a rough patch) so I like to think their love is real to them, in which case they’re both the lucky ones.

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I’ll tell you how she’s being kept as NOT an example of today’s modern woman – they have not allowed her to speak in public because they have deemed her ‘not ready’ to properly speak as a princess and in the meantime, she continues to receive lessons about how to talk, apparently. I find this demeaning.

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She’s not a princess.

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Duchess of Cambridge to be precise/pedantic.

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@bob_ Doesn’t matter what he title – if she can’t talk, I can care less about her title.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Oh, my bad, I hadn’t read your post. My comment was directed at @john65pennington. I find the whole idea of royalty silly, but if she agreed to be a part of it, I guess it means she doesn’t find it that demeaning.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Well, no, hence the “I guess”.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir How is is it demeaning? Have you not seen the British tablois press? You make one slip or mistake and they will rip you apart. It’s no different to an executive or employee having training in media relations before they can do interviews or make press statements.

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And it’s not like they let the men say whatever they want. Just sayin’.

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@bob_ both william and harry recieved simmilar periods after they reached adulthood where they had zero contact with the press while they were groomed for public life. Simmilar *training” happend with the previous generation. And as for phillip he’s got to the point where he’s gonna say anything he damn well pleases but that seems to happen to most old people eventually which is why I spent all day at work with 101 year old woman demanding sex every 10 minutes.

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