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How much of your favorite food can you eat?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) July 10th, 2011

I’m crazy about lobsters! If I’m not chewing them, I’ll be daydreaming of it’s sweet meat swimming in melted butter with lemon. Yummmmm!

I have no doubt I’ll be able to finish two 4 pounders without sweating. How about you?

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Can’t really tell you the exact amount, but I can eat lasagne every day. I won’t get sick of it.
Ice cream probably around 3 in one sitting, and chocolate 3 bars in one day.

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I’ve never dared to test my limits. I know I can eat two whole pints of Ben&Jerry’s, but I only save those kinds of days for absolute meltdowns or boredom. I’ve also eaten a whole bag of jalapeno Cheetos in one sitting. That was a sad day.

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Not all that much, actually. I have never been able to eat a lot in one sitting, but since having my gallbladder removed I can eat even less at one time. Usually I can’t finish a Caesar salad meal at a restaurant, I leave about half of it before I’m so full I think I’m going to burst. I would eat it every day with no problems, though. And I have.

Having said that, I can easily polish off a whole cheesecake if nothing/no one stops me. lol.

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Until it’s gone.

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If you’re talking about sushi and sashimi, pretty much till Kingdom come

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2 lbs? That’s a lot. I would probably sweat a little.

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On the other hand, I eat more chicken any man ever seen.

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Nachos and guacamole? I will eat the entire bowl if you let me! I put a rather large gob of guacamole on each chip and if no one’s looking, I’ll dip my finger in the bottom of the bowl and lick every last speck off my finger…yeah, I can’t help myself

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I’ve eaten a whole 3.4 oz jar of Nutella (neat with no ‘delivery mechanism’ like bread etc.) in 1 sitting once – felt a little sick afterwards but man, it was good. I wouldn’t do it again in a hurry though…

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@filmfann Four years ago, I went to this Legal Seafood restaurant in DC and the pretty waitress told me their biggest lobster was an 8 pounder named Fred. So I ordered Fred. While waiting for him, it slowly dawned on me that a lobster pound in that place could be around 20 bucks! I quickly checked my cash and made sure I have my card. Lol.

I enjoyed Fred without sweating. At least that’s how I remember it. Not much the 180 bucks I paid for him though. Lol.

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Enough to make me full. I couldn’t eat anymore or I’d throw up.

My favorite food is Greek pizza!

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@mazingerz88 – I can’t believe you could eat something/one called Fred! It’d be too personal for me, almost like eating a pet

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@intrepidium I know. I did feel bad. They should not have named him! ( won’t do it again I promise )

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I can eat limitless amounts of shrimp.

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I had my favorite food once for 4 days straight. Just once a day. It was enough for me to finally share with someone else. I couldn’t see a 5th day of eating it again.
Thats why I love an hate thanksgiving. Usually too much left overs remain and I’m usually ready to wait a whole year before going at it again.

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I can’t eat a tremendous amount in one sitting. I did eat a whole watermelon at one sitting to win a bet, but anything else I’d get sick after the second full helping.

I did a two week vacation through Boston, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and up to Bar Harbor, and had lobster at least once a day for the whole two weeks. I love lobster.

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I could handle those lobsters too and throw in some crab legs while you’re at it!

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About a pound of anything but not more or else I feel sick and wish I hadn’t eaten at all. What I will do though is easily eat the same food over and over again until sick of it, I can go a few weeks of that, I’ve done it.

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I can and often do eat bean burritos every day.

I can easily eat an entire regular sized bag of salt and vinegar Kettle Chips.

I could (but don’t because there are always other people sharing with me) eat an entire basket of chips and salsa at a sit-down style Mexican restaurant.

If I knew that I wouldn’t be causing myself an early death from a coronary, I could and would enjoy eating a whole bag of Yum Yum donuts: glazed, chocolate frosted, old fashioned, cinnamon roll, bear claw, a few donut holes, lemon filled, raspberry filled, cheese Danish…

Back in the day (before I became a veg) I could easily eat an entire box of Chicken in a Bisquit crackers.

And God fobid that my nephew should leave a bag of Cheetos (which I do not buy) laying around. They’re so crispy and cheesy and bad for you!

And I can eat handfuls of grated cheese from Trader Joe’s.

Ok, now I’m going to go and virtually barf : (

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@Kardamom: The first few times I tried Chipotle burritos, I was drinking and ate the whole thing. Must’ve been about 2lbs and I was sooooooo sorry. Chipotle is soooooooooo good.

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In surprisingly moderate amounts.
When I was young I used to love white chocolate. Then one day I ate a whole bar of white Tolberone in one go and have gone off it ever since.
In a way, I prefer to savour the experience, little and often…

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@Neizvestnaya There’s this place about 45 miles from my house that makes these gigantic burritos filled with beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and potatoes that are about as big as my head, and yes I have stuffed them in my pie hole on several occasions. If you put guac and sour cream on anything, it just makes it that much better.

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Far too much to ever disclose, here or anywhere else :)

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I’ve been on an ice cream jag this week, rainbow sherbet and coffee ice cream, mmmm.

My spaghetti sauce, I can eat a giant plate with garlic bread, too much, but it is sooo good!

Whoppers! Once in awhile I buy those milk carton containers of whoppers and if I am watching a movie I can unconsciously eat about half the carton. OMG! Baaad me.

Salt water taffy is another one I can go an a bender with. lol

Kettle Korn, lots of that at one sitting. Fresh corn on the cob, I can eat 4 ears I’d say, and fresh strawberries and blackberries, dozens of those.
Otherwise, I try to behave.

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Avocadoes? At least one per day, sometimes 2. Can easily polish off a bowl of guacamole of just about any size, chips or no.

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I am still trying to figure out what is my favorite food, there are so many!!!

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Is Alan Rickman considered a food? ; – P

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Lots & lots & lots until I am thwick!

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@lifeflame Hurray for white Toblerone! : )

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@mazingerz88 – these days, I’ve gone over to the dark side…

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@lifeflame May the force still be with you. But not the Almonds. : )

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