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Why is a linksys router faster than 2wire?

Asked by XOIIO (18320points) July 10th, 2011

We have a 2wire wifi router set up broadcasting wifi. I can’t download movies or watch anything else online while other people are doing that too.I had to hook up a linksys router via ethernet because I couldnt port forward on the 2wire one, and its waaayyy faster. I have movies downloading, I’m watching stuff online and downloading other stuff at the same time without a problem. What’s the deal?

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The 2wire may be using an older slower wifi protocol. For example 800.11g is faster than a or b. 800.11n is faster again and n routers can have the ability to run multiple signals from multiple aerials doubling or quadrupling the speed.

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Also some routers are just crap.

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You mention you’re connecting to the linksys via a cable, were you on the 2wire wirelessly?

A wired connection will almost always be faster than a wireless connection, regardless of the protocol.

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@funkdaddy both wireless.

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