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Choosing Dell desktop options?

Asked by BuzzBean (13points) April 29th, 2008

Need to replace computer with basic desktop, want extra memory, but don’t know how to evaluate other upgrades, needs to be compatible with work which hasn’t yet but will be converting to Office 2000

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I just know someone’s gonna shoot me down for this….

Have you considered an iMac instead of a Dell? They’re simple, up to spec and yes, Office is compatible across platforms.

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I agree with wildflower. Plus they just updated them, so you could get one for a pretty decent price.

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And don’t forget that today’s Macs can run Windows natively and in emulation. And that a Mac runs Windows faster than any other major manufacturer.

Oh, and to answer the question, Dell will help you choose (what they think is) the right PC for your needs.

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Well, if you decide NOT to go with a Mac, here’s my advice:

You don’t need much to run Office 2000, so basically almost any hardware made in the last 5 years should be able to handle it. That gives to a lot of options, but really depends on what you want to use it for.

Are you just using the computer to surf the web, check your emails, chat with people, and run your Office suite? Then you can probably consider getting a low to mid range PC. Something custom built would probably cost you less than 350 bucks (minus a monitor and other goodies). If you’re using Win XP, consider getting 1 or more gigs of RAM (2 or more for Vista). The processor and hard drive are fairly irrelevant since any hardware you buy new these days will be capable of running Office and any of your other basic needs. In most cases the motherboard will have a built-in video and audio processor, so those aren’t required either.

If you’re interested in having a bit of fun with some of the newer games or intend on doing some heavy processing (think graphic design or 3d art), then you’ll need something with a little more juice. I just built a top range PC for $1000 that is capable of running all of the new games without a hitch.

Dell offers some good incentives, but there are definitely better deals out there, so I’d probably shop around a bit. So, as with many things these days, it’s a matter of need vs want.

If you want to go with a Mac, they have several decent options (even with financing!) You can check out the Mac Mini which, according to the Apple Store is starting at $599. You can otherwise go the route of getting an iMac which starts at $1199.

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