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Are there any legitimate work at home jobs?

Asked by mag777 (7points) July 10th, 2011

I am wanting to work at home either online or another job that can be done at home.But all the ones I have seen are either scams or they ask for money to sign up. I cannot see paying someone to give me work.Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Welcome to fluther, @mag777.

There is certainly paying work you can do at home. The legitimate kinds that I know of involve using a saleable skill you already have: a hairdresser who opens a shop in her house, a psychologist who has a home office, a contractor whose workplace is wherever the job is and who takes calls and keeps business records at home. The freelance writers and editors I know work at home. People who make craft items for sale at fairs and in consignment shops often have home studios. Many people give lessons at home.

That’s a different matter from responding to an ad that says you can earn income at home in your spare time doing something anyone can do, such as making phone calls. I would be wary of those.

So I think the first question is, what kind of work are you qualified to do? Then ask if there is a way to do it from your home.

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Yes, there are.

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