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What's your scariest supernatural experience?

Asked by Tay122 (416points) July 10th, 2011

My Grandma told me about how her friend bought a super old house with 2 ghosts in it. One changes the radio channel while their working on the house. The other is bad and under the staircase but it’s been “removed”. So if you believe in that kind of stuff, tell us your scary or funny story!

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Never had one. Unless you count this.

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As a young lad, my family moved into an old house. It had a story, as many old places did back then. It was not not like today, where we specters are now discounted as myth and God is shrouded by technological evolution.

I suppose people may have ranted in similar ways, back when the hunter’s path was still held in sway by the old gods.

So we moved into this house. The story isn’t very particular. An old man used to live there, and was pretty much senile. When he died, he didn’t realize it, and what brought conclusion and happiness to his days in his final years, was getting his clothes ready for the morning, before retiring for the night.

His ghost, to this day, still readies its clothes every evening. His bedroom was mine as a young boy, and I saw the ghost. Except that the house had been renovated over the years, so I only saw his upper half, due to where the original floor had once been situated. I saw him walk from where his dresser used to be, towards his chair, on which he laid the clothes. Then he vanished. At first it scared me, but I got used to it. I even attempted to commune with him, eventually. It never worked.

Never at that tender age, did I realize I would be stuck in limbo myself…

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I once saw a little girl. We’d moved into a new (old of course) house and I was fixing dinner on our first night. I looked up and there she was. Peering at me through the frosted glass of the door that led to the hallway. As soon as I saw that pale little face, my blood ran cold. I stared at her for a good ten seconds before she turned and moved away down the hall. Of course, there was nobody there when I investigated. The following week, someone left a note in our door, which read (something like) “My father built this house. There used to be a brass plaque by the front door that read “Cynthia,” as the house was named after his young daughter who had died of pneumonia. If you have this plaque, we would dearly love to have it. Please call blah blah blah.” We didn’t have it, as we were renting, so we put the nice old lady who had written the note onto our landlord and promptly burned the house to the ground to prevent further sightings.

Then I discovered that I had died and Cynthia was alive the whole time and the note was a hoax and I was Nicole Kidman and I could only really only haunt the microwave with any success.

This story is 80% true

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I never have had, nor do I think I will ever have a “supernatural” experience. Everything I experience is natural.

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Well, this isn’t funny. Kind of scary though, but it is a true experiance I’ve had. I used to live in my grandma’s house. There was very negative energy there. A lot of of souls haunted it. But one night I was sleeping in the living room on the couch. I heard a heavy, heavy breathing. Then I heard someone mumble the word, “Die, die, die” I then heard a room full of people. But there was no one there. It was quite scary. Then another time I was alone in the house and was in the bathroom. While in there I heard someone cough and then pace back and forth by the door. I ran out and down the hall just in time to see a dark shadow walk from the bathroom to the bedroom. This is a very true story by the way.

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At one time, I was a child psychologist. My final case was treating a young man that claimed he could see dead people . . .

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I never had a supernatural experience while awake but have them regularly in my dreams.

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Well over the summer when it was brutally hot I had my fan on in my room. Very early in the morning(4am) I was kind of awake not really sleeping. I could hear someone playing with the fan and.manipulating the buttons. That definitely had my full attention. I could hear the buttons being pressed and my fan kept going from low to high before it would be turned off and then restarted. This happened 6 or 7 times. I was so freaked.out and.did not feel compelled to open my eyes because I didn’t know what I would see . I pretty much stayed stiff as board in my bed and did not move. Eventually I fell back to sleep and when I woke up a few hours later the fan was turned off and I was sweltering. Very strange for me.

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