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OS X audiophiles: Got a favorite FLAC supporting player?

Asked by zaid (216points) April 29th, 2008

For some reason Cog does not work that well for me (Leopard 10.5.2). I’d be interested in seeing what else is out there. Inexpensive is great, free is better

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I’m pretty sure that you have to try the latest development version of Cog to have it work with Leopard correctly.

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So is Cog the standard for FLAC supporting players then? Are there others that folks use?

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you might want to check out this plugin

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thanks, coff. Have you gotten that to work? I’ve tried it with ogg and it seems temperamental.

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since i’ve my mac i migrated my music to mp3, aac, and apple lossless. i want to hear music from my iPod too and they don’t support ogg/flac :(.
i just saw the plugin running (without any probs) at a friend’s mac.

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i’ll try again. thanks. yeah it’s too bad apple refuses to support more media.

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i can’t really understand why they don’t support it. the codec is free and the flac guys offer their help – which apple refuses.

btw. there are more mac programs supporting flac you might look at.

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Songbird supposedly supports FLAC, but there are problems with it. Their old forums may explain why.

VLC Media Player should work, though.

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@shadling21 I was just about to suggest Songbird too! And yes, VLC works fine as well. I usually keep FLAC files for archival purposes and make copies in AAC. I use XLD to make the conversion.

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Wait, so let me get this straight… Apple’s getting flack for lack of FLAC support on a Mac?

Sorry, I had to.

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