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Help with course selections in University? (psychology major)

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) July 10th, 2011

Okay, so I am starting the Honours BA in Psychology (4 year program) this September. Obviously, there are certain course requirements, and I have picked all of my courses. But I have one problem: I’m not sure if I should take an English course or a Philosophy course. I would prefer to take philosophy, because it is waaay more interesting. However, I’m worried that if I take philosophy over English, next year I won’t have the prerequisites necessary for other courses I may have to take. Also, I need to have 1 full credit, but I’m not sure if I can take a half credit in philosophy and a half credit in English instead of choosing between the two. Basically I don’t know if taking a half credit in two different faculties equals a full credit. What should I do?

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see the counselor at the school, most have school schedules for the next two-four years and they can help you plan so you get all the courses you need when you need them.

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I chose Philosophy (& it was fascinating), you can generally get the required English course for what you need.

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You really need to talk to an advisor, because it all depends on how your school structures things. I know how my school does things, but it’s probably different than yours.

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@Linda_Owl I was thinking about taking a 0.5 weight credit in philosophy (philo of the occult and paranormal) and a 0.5 credit in rhetoric English or something. If I can do this of course.

P.S what English courses do you find the most interesting? least boring

@Aethelflaed Don’t worry, I will make an appointment with an academic advisor for next week. I just want to try to figure it out on my own.

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@desiree333 I just want to try to figure it out on my own. That is admirable to keep informed, but remember, the professional has a lot more experience with different requirements and can be a big help.

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@Yarnlady, @Aethelflaed and @DrBill are spot on. Especially if there are pre-reqs involved you don’t want to choose the wrong course and then find out you can’t do courses you need to do because you missed out on doing xxx.

If you can do either and you really feel inspired by the philosophy course, do it. It shouldn’t all be about work (although you will be working of course).

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Choose what you are most passionate about – I chose philosophy towards a psychology degree and I absolutely loved it. However, it does mean that I won’t be accredited with the BPS so I’ll have to do a conversion course after I get my degree. I would definitely go and see someone to check out the long term effects of your choice but like I said first and foremost I think it should be about passion x

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This is what advisers are for; call one.

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English probably will help more in your other classes. You are going to have to write a lot of papers so it is best to have a solid foundation in English/Writing.

My first college class was The History of the United States Since 1945. I had to write a 15 page paper in that class. Somehow I made it through high school and didn’t know what a thesis statement was. I wish I had taken writing 121 first.

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@Bellatrix Especially if there are pre-reqs involved you don’t want to choose the wrong course and then find out you can’t do courses you need to do because you missed out on doing xxx.
This is exactly why I was going to take English. I was worried that I would have to do a certain course next year and then not be able to because I don’t have a English credit. Then it dawned on me.. Obviously the only prerequisites for psych are going to be other psych programs, right? The only reason why I would need an English as a prerequisite is if I wanted to take a year 2 English next year! Total epiphany right there. So unless I want to take a English course next year which I will never want to, boring! I won’t need one this year. Right?

I hope so, because I have called the student success office so many times and can never get a hold of them. Classes are filling up really fast, and I may have to make a decision on my own if I can’t make an appointment with an academic adviser soon.

@johnpowell In high school I always hated English because I found it very boring, and mostly common sense. I was usually an 85% and sometimes above average student. For some reason I always got very high marks in English though. I wouldn’t put any effort in the class, but always got good marks, especially in essays. I guess you could say they are my strong-suit. I remember when we had to write a 6 page essay on The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. I didn’t read the book or pay attention in class, and did the essay the night before it was due. I know this is very bad, and I have not done that before or since. Anyways, my friend worked on it for hours every night for 3 weeks. Long story short, I got 13% higher than her on it. I felt kind of guilty, because she deserved a better mark than me..

That being said, I feel competent enough in writing and such without needing to take english in uni, but you never know. Maybe I should?

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Urrm not necessarily. It depends on the focus of the English course. If they are trying to ensure all students have a good foundation in writing and English generally, you may need to do it. You really need to clarify this with a student counsellor. I wouldn’t be ‘assuming’ anything that might affect you later.

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@Bellatrix Well I’m trying but the student success center won’t answer the phone or it’s busy. I call all the time..

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Can’t you send an email? Sadly, if you choose the wrong course, not being able to reach the student centre by phone won’t be accepted as an excuse. It may be perfectly okay, but if it isn’t you will be in a pickle. What about calling the lecturer of the English course and asking them?

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@Bellatrix I have sent multiple emails to departments that sound like they are supposed to help students. (Example: student help, student success) However, these people have all told me that I have to go there. They wouldn’t even answer my questions or direct me somewhere else online! If I do choose one class over English I won’t be penalized by choosing the wrong course. These are electives, so I can technically take whatever I want. Anyways, I just dropped English and took Anthropology instead. If I really did need English they would have made it a requirement or at least suggested it. They suggested science.

“What about calling the lecturer of the English course and asking them?” I will try that.

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I did say in my original post how much concern you have about this depended upon whether the courses were pre-requisites for other courses. If they are electives, just do whatever you want.

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